With COVID-19 keeping students in their homes, some of those students are discovering that an online education meets their needs better than the historical classroom setting. Mum and Dad might not be onboard with continuing that education online, but truth be told there are some real benefits for a lot of people discovered when learning from the comfort of their own homes.

For students with hardships like caring for a family member, needing to work to help with the bills, or even those pursuing some sort of artistic goals, the “old school” option for continuing an education was dropping out and pursuing a GED. Many people want to know the difference between GED vs. high school diplomas. High school online diplomas are a very viable option for those students, and require less of a cram study style than that of a GED. As online diplomas are awarded to those who earn a certain number of credit hours, the educational process can be much more gradual.

Ultimately, the pursuit of a degree (or GED) is to help find employment, and here are some feelings employers have about high school online diplomas…

Overall Stigma

Unfortunately, there is still a blanket feeling that a regular diploma from a brick and mortar high school is better than an online diploma, but the perception of that trend is slowly but surely moving towards a more equal acceptance of latter. A lot of government jobs, for example, accept online diplomas as an educational requirement, and there are many examples of the government setting trends for employment (equal pay for women, strict anti-discrimination rules, retirements, PTO, etc.). So with Uncle Sam leading the way, sooner than later an “online diploma” will be synonymous with a “diploma.”

Where Did You Get It?

There are accredited schools that offer online high school diplomas, and having an accredited program sign your diploma will help it be more readily received by employers. There are several online options for those looking to get their high school diploma. Online programs are a cheaper, quicker and more convenient option for many people who are juggling work, debt, and family responsibilities.

Colleges can be great place to look for a high school diploma. To name a few, the American Academy, Stanford, George Washington University, The University of Missouri, The University of Texas, and many colleges with similar esteem offer online high school diploma options. Some of these will run a bill up close to that of taking actual college classes, so look into more inexpensive-yet-accredited online high school diplomas programs or find a subsidised course by an approved provider and make sure you meet the eligibility requirements.

One point of caution: though most programs accept anyone willing to learn, some of the discounted options do have an age limit!

How to Play Your Cards

As the aforementioned stigma is trending the right way, there are still many employers who will scoff at an online high school diploma. This is when it’s okay to fight fire with fire. If you have achieved your online high school diploma and are applying for jobs, and you think a given employer might not like seeing that your diploma came from an online source, don’t be afraid to gear your cover letter towards the “why” regarding your education. If you had hardships that caused you to pursue your diploma online, tell them about those hardships. That shows a great will to achieve which is well-accepted by all employers. If you were thrust into online learning due to COVID-19 and realised you learned more by being at home, tell them that and you might even wind up with some remote work opportunities!

Final Exam

Even if you choose the GED route over the online diploma, having one or the other results in an average earnings increase of $11,000 per year over those with neither, according to the US Census Bureau so it’s figuratively and literally “worth it.”  The options are aplenty, and as long as you have a will to succeed and a good internet connection you can do it!