No other product catalogue is as shimmery and enticing as that of jewellery designed using precious gems and metals. However, even the most vivid of imaginations does not guarantee that a particular jewellery piece may look good in-person. Blind online orders and disappointment usually go hand-in-hand. What if those sapphire-embedded danglers a customer purchased does not go well with their blue dress? The possibility is always high, and there’s much at stake. Customers today, especially millennials, want to be 100% satisfied with their purchase; as a result, they wish to try-on before making a decision. The expensive and demanding jewellery market makes it difficult for designers to convince customers of their product value.

Thankfully, technology is making a way in this wilderness for both customers and jewellery designers.

Virtual Try-On Jewellery: A One-of-a-Kind Experience

Up until this point, common intelligence has been dictating jewellery design, specifications, etc. However, with the advent of AI-injected Virtual and Augmented Reality technology, all this is gradually changing.

Ever wondered what it would be like to get an up-close look of a jewellery item from every possible angle and be able to even grab it off the screen? Well, Virtual Reality technology offers this unique experience. The VR/AR headset allows customers to dive into a virtual showroom wherein they can “try on” the jewellery – be it earrings, necklaces, finger rings, anklets, and more. The recognition feature of the AR/VR app can detect customers’ hands, feet, and face. Customers can get an accurate idea of whether or not a particular set of jewellery looks good on them, matches an outfit of choice, etc. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), it is now as easy as pie to offer customers with highly personalised jewellery – in terms of the design, type of metal or stone, and size – thereby adding value to their jewellery-buying experience.

A product catalogue that offers the opportunity of virtual try-on using 3D animated models is definitely promising; the immersive experience is sure to enhance customer interaction and engagement. Plus, the challenges surrounding 3D CAD can also be eliminated with AR/VR, which makes it possible to create lifelike effects for gemstones and metallic jewellery.

Though currently untouched by AR, jewellery manufacturing may also see the technology in full force in the near future. Nothing could be more exciting – the customer and the jewellery manufacturer can each wear an AR headset, sitting in different locations. Both can see the representation of a jewellery piece in front of them, and the customer can demand modifications accordingly.

Jewellery Design: A Rewarding Career Option

Jewellery designing has long enjoyed a respected position in society, ever since the days of traditional goldsmiths. The scenario is expected to be no different with technology making jewellery designing one of the most coveted career options among the millennials. Now is the right time for aspirants who wish to get their creative juices flowing in the promising field of jewellery design to take the plunge. The career prospects are vast, from a hard-core jewellery designer or independent design consultant to supply chain manager and jewellery marketing expert.

Academies like the revered Jaipur Pearl Academy offer 360-degree PG and UG courses on jewellery design wherein students learn the use of avant-garde technology in designing jewellery that appeals to all kinds of tastes – from traditional heavy luxury jewellery that represents the Indian culture to more modern forms of lightweight and geometric pieces.

The prestigious Pearl Academy has always been one to encourage and explore new avenues, and as such, has heavily invested in technologies to provide their students with the best-in-class jewellery designing experience.

Jewellery has a history replete with hopes. Tastes and preferences depend on a case-to-case basis, but technology is the game-changer, making it possible to create as many designs and styles of jewellery as there are customers for it in the market.