Storage Solutions: As life goes on and you collect more and more things – keeping them in order can start to become a challenge.

If the cupboard space has been used up, and ‘floordrobes’ are becoming prevalent, a rise in clutter could impact your mental health.

But there are many ways you can bring calm to the chaos. Just read on.

Storage solutions – make the most of vertical space

Those walls that seem so constricting can actually hold the answer to many of your problems.

Using shelving is a great way to make more homes for things to live, while box shelves are perfect for those that want to keep on top of clutter.

Fitting cupboard doors, or storing things in baskets within the spaces keeps the mess out of sight and out of mind.

Find the perfect fit

Free-standing wardrobes will leave wasted space above and to the side, and cramming things into those nooks will only add to the cluttered vibe that you’re looking to alleviate!

Fitted furniture is worth a serious consideration, particularly if you’re working with a smaller space.

With storage solutions running from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, you’ll be able to maximise every last inch of space, while choosing fitted wardrobes with extra storage for items other than your clothes can turn that spare room into an oasis of calm.

Get furniture that works for you

You might not have the space in your room to introduce numerous items of furniture, so pick pieces that can do multiple jobs.

Divan or ottoman beds double up as handy places to store things, while several free-standing frames also come with drawers that can slide underneath.

Adding a storage bench to your space will give you somewhere to sit, as well as keep the clutter at bay.

Get some top tactics

Being proactive is the best way to stay on top of clutter and stop it from building up over time.

Plan out exactly where each item belongs in the room, and you will find that tidying up becomes easy and simple, as well as preserving the condition of your room for longer and making essential tasks like dusting and vacuuming much easier too.

Storing items in an effective manner, like Marie Kondo’s folding method, can also give you more room than you previously thought, by making the most out of tight storage spots.

Best wishes if you’re battling the clutter, and remember that little actions taken for your storage solutions can often stop it from coming back for good!