Learning is usually a long and challenging process. However, finding the first job after graduation might appear to be even more complicated. Many fresh graduates are feeling lost when it comes to beginning their careers. In case you are one of them, find out the list of the most common jobs for college graduates.


In case you have a passion for writing, this job is right for you. First, you can become a website writer and create blog posts, articles, and other types of websites. Second, you can choose a career of a social media manager, providing brilliant content for most popular platforms. Third, you can find the job of a technical writer and create documentation, specifications, and product descriptions for different categories of people. And, finally, you can also rocket launch your career while being an academic writer.

There are plenty of students, who are wondering “Who can do my homework for me online?” Professional writers are here to help; and you might become one of them. By the way, students often pay for homework to get done, use various promotions, and speedypaper coupon codes in just a few clicks. This makes the service incredibly popular and allows writers to complete lots of orders. However, you will surely need to have excellent writing skills and be an expert in a certain area or field of study.


Sales are considered to be one of the most promising jobs for college graduates. Working as a salesperson will help you learn to negotiate, understand the needs of other people, and become more communicative. Anyway, it’s a nice start for your career and an opportunity to earn good money at the same time. Many graduates work as sales people to gain the experience important for their future.


This job remains to be popular among fresh graduates for decades. In case you are not afraid of dealing with lots of numbers, taking the position of an accountant might become an excellent decision. Accountants usually have high salaries and brilliant career opportunities. Moreover, the number of fields that hire accountants is constantly growing.

Project Manager

Working as a project manager usually requires at least one year of experience. However, there are lots of companies that are ready to hire recent college graduates. This way, get ready to learn a lot. You will get lots of useful skills and deep knowledge as a pleasant bonus.

All in all, choosing your first job after graduation might require some time. No worries if you don’t find your dream job straight away. Even professionals might look for a new job for longer than half a year. You can improve your skills via online learning when searching for a job to make your CV more attractive for recruiters. Avoid sticking to the first job you find – try to work in different fields, switch between professions, and enjoy learning something new to find the job of your dreams. It’s easier than you might think.

If none of these jobs interest you, fret not for you can focus your efforts and choose to upskill instead.