The everyday routine that comes with being a student can quickly get tedious. You go to lectures, write assignments, go to the library, go home, eat and binge watch Netflix. It may require a bit of imagination and willpower, but why not do something different with a few of your weekends?

Rally your friends together and create some amazing uni memories. And it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg to have fun. If you are having trouble coming up with some mind-blowing activities that will not break the bank, then take inspiration from some of our suggestions.


You can relive your childhoods and head to the nearest bowling alley for and engage in some competitive fun. Depending on where you are located, bowling will cost between five and ten pounds per person. If you want something fancier, then you can always visit upmarket establishments. If you go in the morning, you can strike a bargain, as prices usually go up later on in the day.

Brewery Tour

Instead of playing beer pong for the umpteenth time, why not visit a brewery and find out how the drink is made? The science behind the production of beers is quite impressive, and you will learn how to appreciate each sip of your next cold one. Most tours include tasting some of the best specimens as well. If you are more of a wine or whiskey person, you can still look for a vineyard or distillery instead. Tours usually start around £10, but it is essential to factor in travel expenses, especially if you are considering a group tour.

Betting Freebies

Chances are you already take a friendly bet or two with your mates down at the pub. However, you could also consider placing free bets with online bookies or even using a betting exchange. But, you do need to make sure the operators you choose are UKCG licensed and credible. Using sites, such as, that offer both tips and sportsbook reviews is paramount to added entertainment value. You can then find a platform with promotions that are ideally suited to your betting preference whether it be football, golf, tennis or even esports.


Why not become a real-life Call of Duty or PUBG hero with a paintball gun? Paintballing is a favourite with students, and a lot of companies are coming up with discounts for group bookings. The price to hire equipment and around a hundred paintballs workout to between ten and fifteen pounds per person, which is not too bad. If you have a bit extra money, you can also splash on some extras, like smoke grenades.


If you want to fit in an occasional workout into your weekly schedule, then an occasional trip to the local swimming baths could be the perfect opportunity. According to experts, swimming is the perfect full-body workout. There are a variety of apps that can help you find the closest and most affordable pool. Whether you want to just splash around with your friends or get fit, remember that your student card will most likely get you a discount.


Musical concerts are not usually the most affordable places to have fun—especially when famous bands are involved. The tickets are expensive, and you will probably have to buy expensive drinks inside as well. However, you can look for smaller local pubs and independent venues that feature exceptional, but less popular acts. If you can let go of your favourite music and open your mind to something different, you could just discover that you were losing out all along.

Escape rooms

Escape rooms can get very intense, especially with the growing buzz around the Escape Room movies. The idea is to get locked inside a room and try to figure out some clues, puzzles, and riddles to unlock the door. Some rooms have some scary themes to keep things exciting, so make sure to take all your courage with you. If you take more of your friends with you, the experience will work out cheaper than for fewer people. You might also figure out how to escape a lot sooner.

Stand-up Comedy

When most people think about stand-up comedy, they tend to think about the sold-out shows that end up featuring on online streaming apps. But you can have a good laugh on the cheap—sometimes for free. After all, laughter is the best medicine. Just look up stand-up comedy shows near you online and be on your way to some unforgettable fun.