Chat websites, often used to connect people from around the world, are popular among people of all ages and demographics. LuckyCrush, launched in 2019, is a new platform which offers random video chat for straight adults. It connects its members and allows them to have video chat calls with random opposite-sex partners. Members worldwide can use LuckyCrush on their desktop or mobile purely to flirt or chat with strangers, without needing to download an app.

The site allows members to remain completely anonymous as sharing personal information is prohibited and members are free not to show their face during cam chats. Members can chat out loud or just write to each other whilst they see each other on the webcam, it is completely their choice.

How Does LuckyCrush Work?

As the site is designed for straight people, new members must state whether they are male or female, so that males can be paired with females and vice versa. Members can browse through a few partners before registering, so there is the option to try out the site before signing up.

Depending on your sex, LuckyCrush will assign a random chat with girls or boys, and each chat can last just a couple of minute or a few hours. When one member wants to move on and stop their current chat, the website has the option to press « Next », and a new random partner will automatically be assigned.

The concept of LuckyCrush differs from other chat sites, as people are randomly connected to speak or chat through their webcam, rather than dating websites which have the end goal of matchmaking their users. The virtual flirtation is designed to start and end on the platform, so members can chat and flirt with no strings attached.

Is LuckyCrush Only Available For Straight People?

At the moment, there are no options for LGBT members to join LuckyCrush. The site is optimised solely for straight people and there are regulations in place to keep registrations at 50% male and 50% female, keeping an approximately equal number of members at all times.

This maximises the chances both partners are interested in chatting with each other and reduces the time users have to wait to get matched with a partner.

Why is Virtual Flirting Becoming More Popular?

As the world around us evolves, people have started turning to online chats in increasing numbers. In fact, LuckyCrush reported that throughout and since COVID, they’ve had a 50% increase in registrations.  It’s clear to see that many are in need of some company, and can’t necessarily venture out to meet new people. Whether to flirt, talk platonically or just meet random strangers, virtual flirting offers more exciting opportunities and even the chance to connect with people from other countries.

Since 2019, LuckyCrush has gained over 1 million members from across 100+ countries. The sheer number of members ensures that guys and girls needn’t wait to be connected with a partner, and the random factor allows them to meet with someone who they might have never normally picked for themselves if they had used a conventional ‘dating’ site.

In addition, the site is designed to keep its members completely anonymous, so the risks involved are minimal. The only requirement is to display a username, and no personal information is required which makes it safe and secure.

In terms of virtual flirting, LuckyCrush has opened the door to meeting new, interesting people without having to leave the house. The fact that the chats are designed to be ephemeral, in addition to the amount of members around the world, means that there’s always someone waiting at the other end ready for a cheeky chat or flirt.