With countries across Europe beginning to ease their lockdown restrictions, the UK government has announced that passengers arriving to England, Wales and Northern Ireland no longer need to quarantine if they have travelled from a country listed as exempt. Many countries have also eased restrictions for UK travellers heading on holiday, while others still have restrictions in place.

This has got many people across the UK thinking about sun, sea and sand after months of lockdown. If you’re daydreaming about where you’d love to visit once you feel comfortable to travel and it’s safe to do so, here are four of the most amazing European destinations to add to your travel bucket list.


Renowned for it’s breath-taking mountain scenery, bright-blue lakes and beautiful buildings, Austria is certainly a country to add to your ‘must-visit’ list. There are plenty of fun activities to enjoy, from skiing, tobogganing and meandering round Christmas markets in winter, to mountain biking, hiking and kayaking in summer.


Thousands flock to Iceland every year for a chance to witness the magical Northern Lights, which light up the sky brightly in green, blue, yellow and purple. As well as heading out to spot the aurora at night, visitors can take a dip in the famous Blue Lagoon, hike through glaciers and go whale watching.


Nestled in south-eastern Europe, Croatia truly offers something for everyone. Sink your toes in the sand on the beach and swim in the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea, or head to one of the National Parks to hike through the forest and visit amazing waterfalls. You can also explore the famous towns in Croatia such as Split and Dubrovnik, packed full of charm and history.


Denmark has plenty of great things to do and see, so you’d be spoilt for choice during a trip here. The country’s capital Copenhagen is a must-see, where colourful buildings line the harbour and ancient architecture fill the city. Visit the Tivoli Gardens amusement park for a fun-filled day out, before heading to a charming restaurant to sample the Nordic cuisine.

Remember, many of these destinations can be experienced on a budget. If you want to see the sights without splashing lots of cash, you can cut costs by taking advantage of cheap flights, using discount codes for attractions, making your own food and staying in hostels. You can also save money before you arrive at your destination. For example if you’re flying from Gatwick, consider travelling to Gatwick Airport at Off-Peak times when fares are cheaper, take hand luggage only, and eat before the airport to avoid forking out for expensive food and drink in the terminal.

Which of these amazing destinations will you add to your travel bucket list?