“Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character.” said Arnold Palmer, a famous professional golfer. Even the most expensive equipment cannot make you a better golfer. A golf swing is the most important deciding feature in the armoury of a golfer. To master the art of golfing, it is necessary to follow some basic rules for your swing before putting on your golf gear. Perfecting your swing undoubtedly takes long practice with enough time and considerable effort. Here’s a guide for simple steps to help you refine your golf swing and approach the level of perfection merely by looking a bit closer at some intricacies.

Less power

A powerful golf swing doesn’t necessarily mean a perfect shot. While swinging the ball, it is crucial to distribute the power between your arms, torso, and hips. The swing should contain a certain level of fluidity. Keep steady but appropriately relaxed at the same time while up swinging and down swinging your body along with the movement of the club. This basic step fairly dictates the outcome of your shot.

Go slow

The old saying that the slow and steady wins the race applies to the game of golf as equally as it applies to other factors of life. Observe the environment around you, the glare of sun, the direction of the wind and other surroundings while you approach the ball. Before carrying out any movement of swing, go through the series of events in your mind slowly. Since a perfect golf swing is a combined outcome of speed when matched with distance. But it’s important to make sure that you take the time to reach that speed.

Have the right equipment.

Find a grip

It is the most important parameter to be followed. When you are holding the club, your grip must not be too firm so that the swing of the ball is too rigid. Also, your grip must not be loose enough that when you swing the ball, the club flies off altogether.

It’s worthy enough to spend some time practicing your grip at home so that the next time you hit the ground and make a swing, your audience gets awestruck by the perfection of your shot.

Get the right gear

For each type of shot you need the right tool. Make sure you have the right club for what you’re about to do. Every club is unique and can have its own mannerisms where you need to know exactly how to use them. Also a helpful item can be golf gloves and a golf push cart. The golf push cart can save you a lot of time and stress, and keep you fresh, but you have to make sure you have the best golf push cart as referenced in the linked guide.

Watch the ball

Keeping an eye on the target will not get you anywhere closer to achieving your goal. Keep your head still and in a position that faces the ball. Your eyes should leave the ball only when you have made impact.

Be consistent

It’s in our human nature to always thrive for the best. There’s nothing wrong with that. But you should always look at where you are at this point of time and consistently work to be better. Perfection can’t be obtained in a matter of days. It takes consistent effort and patience to practice. Only practice will turn your golf shot into a perfect one.

Golf is a very technical game. By following these very simple steps and practicing, surely the same will help you to make better shots when golfing.