Off to University soon?  What if your stuff was lost, stolen or accidentally damaged?  Our student insurance is a bit like home contents insurance but designed specifically with full-time students living away from home in mind.

It’s that time of year again – with A level results and the new academic year just around the corner, our thoughts turn to the exciting times ahead for the thousands of students across the UK heading off to university soon!

Whilst it might seem a slightly scary prospect for some students and their parents right now, there is sure to be exciting times in the academic year ahead, filled with amazing new beginnings, new learnings, new friends and the independence of living in student digs. Student Insurance

As a student insurance provider, we commissioned an independent survey* of students during the last academic year to see which items they had lost, accidentally damaged or had stolen† once during at university.  This survey found that over a quarter (27%) had lost their headphones or earphones** once; a fifth had lost some jewellery once; 16% had lost their mobile phone once, rising to 22% in North West universities; and 8% had lost their laptop once whilst at university.

Almost 1 in 7 (13%) said their headphones or earphones** had been stolen; almost 1 in 10 (9%) had had their mobile phone stolen; jewellery was stolen from 9%; and 5% had had their laptop stolen during uni.

Our student insurance can be viewed a bit like home contents cover for full-time students living away from home.  It can be easily tailored to meet your individual requirements, so you only pay for what you need!

To help you get started, we at The Insurance Emporium have put together the following guide to the student insurance products we offer†:

Standard Benefits†

All our student insurance policies start with a set group of Standard Benefits designed to cover you for typical everyday circumstances. These are:

  • Accidental damage or theft of your contents at the student address and whilst in transit to or from your home address
  • Loss or damage to food you own and kept in a deep freeze at your student address and caused by a rise or fall in temperature

Additional Optional Benefits†

You might want to create a more comprehensive policy or require a budget-friendly policy.  This is where our following range of Additional Optional Benefits† can help you to create student insurance tuned for your specific needs, so you only pay for what you need:

  • Personal belongings – items you wear or carry in everyday life
  • Gadgets and mobile phones, including smartphones, tablets, cameras and more
  • Musical instruments, including orchestral and non-orchestral instruments and accessories
  • Accommodation liability
  • Personal Accident and Assault or Mugging
  • Public Liability
  • Valuables – such as your tv, desktop computer, jewellery and more
  • Bicycle – theft or accidental damage only
  • Loss of keys and/or swipe card – theft or accidental damage only
  • Tuition fees, Rent Protection, Exams and coursework
  • College Property on Loan
  • Legal Helpline

Whatever subject you are studying and whichever university you are heading to, it could be good to know you have insurance in place offering some protection should your stuff be lost, damaged or stolen†.  For a free no-strings quote, visit us at today or give our friendly Yorkshire-based team a ring on 03300 244 005

†subject to terms and conditions, see or to read our frequently asked questions

*The research was conducted by Censuswide, the respondents in the survey comprised 500 Undergraduate University Students, and ran from 29.04.2019 – 03.05.2019

**Please note that Student Insurance from The Insurance Emporium excludes liability for payment of tuition fees, rent protection, exams, coursework, personal accident, assault or mugging occurring whilst the student is wholly or partly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Cover for Theft is subject to evidence of forcible and violent entry together with adherence to the security requirements set out fully in the Policy Document – see Cover for headphones is only available under the Valuables or Musical Instruments Elective Benefits and cover for mobile phones is only available under the Gadgets & Mobile Phones Elective Benefit.