One of the great things about being a student is the number of offers that come flooding your way, especially as a fresher. Students make a significant, positive impact on the economy, propping up shops, bars and restaurants, and even entire towns and villages.

Business owners know that if you can engage the local student population then it’s a major step towards being successful. However, this business model isn’t perfect, as many student populations are seasonal by their nature, with a high number returning ‘home’ during the summer months.

And in many ways, that makes local proprietors all the more eager to snap up their share of student cash while it’s there. And anybody who’s strolled through a student bar area, especially around September and October, will have been handed their fair share of leaflets and flyers.

But in this article, we will be focusing on the less visible offers, and in particular, those that are offered up online. Some of these offers are exclusive to students, but there are others targeted at a wider cross-section that those at university should be just as aware of.

Feeding yourself

There are fewer things more important than keeping yourself well-fed and, although we heartily recommend stocking up at the supermarket and enjoying a balanced diet, takeaways are undeniably a big part of student life.

And luckily, takeaways are very quick to offer special offers to customers. Platforms like Just Eat, which aggregate takeaways and allow diners to browse multiple options in one place, from Italian to Indian and everything in between.

Websites like this one regularly add voucher codes, but you have to be quick, as they often expire as quickly as they appear! Otherwise, sign up for their emails and keep your eye on your inbox. Often, the platform offers money off on a particular day of the week, and you’ll likely save money ordering during the week, rather than on a Friday or Saturday.

Entertaining yourself

Keeping yourself occupied away from lectures, seminars, exams and coursework isn’t too challenging for the majority of students, especially with the frequency of bars and restaurants likely surrounding you, as well as the sports clubs and societies hosted by your students’ union.

But it’s great to keep your options open and to explore possibilities for entertainment that needn’t cost huge sums. One industry that frequently provides offers is online gaming, including free introductory offers for new players that can help you get to know the games.

There is a good range of websites that provide a list of casino providers in one place, including BonusFinder, which lists sites offering free spins without the need to make a deposit. This means you can keep your card in your pocket; you can get more info here.

Everything else

The power of the offer in engaging customers cannot be underestimated, and it’s no surprise that so many industries are in on the concept. Whether you’re shopping for clothes, groceries or new tech, it’s always worth checking out comparison-and-offer sites first.

Many platforms offer discounts that are available exclusively to students, but this shouldn’t prohibit you from exploring the wider landscape. Because, when it comes to unbelievable discounts, there’s more to discover than just the flyers around the students’ union.