If you are off to university soon, you may be feeling quite anxious about budgeting. However, the thought of managing your money doesn’t have to be daunting. As long as you’re smart over the course of your degree, you shouldn’t have to come out with any extra unnecessary debt. For ways to help you save money while you’re studying, we have written you a handy list. By following the below tips, you will be able to cut some costs, while still doing all the things you want to do!

Buy your train tickets in advance when travelling from home to uni

If you know the dates that you are going to be travelling between your home and halls or student house, one of the best ways to save yourself some pennies is by purchasing your tickets in advance. Always make sure to look for the ‘Advance’ tickets to make your journey a lot more affordable.

Work out your weekly or monthly budget in advance

If you know that you’ve got a couple of events coming up in the month, it might mean that you have less to spend on other things. Rather than worrying about what you do and don’t have to spend after your night out, concert or friend’s birthday event, plan your budget for each week beforehand. Create a spreadsheet to keep track of your income from any loans or bursaries and part-time jobs, as well as your outgoings and keep on top of your monthly budget.

Head to the supermarkets late at night for your favourite supplies

Unless you’ve got some savings stashed away, it’s very unlikely that you’ll be doing your weekly food shop at Marks & Spencer instead of Aldi or Lidl. However, there is a way that you can still pick up some fancy food from this fine UK supermarket – you just need to head there much later in the day. After 6pm, many supermarkets begin reducing items quite heavily, as they need to get rid of the produce before the next day. That means that you can find some tasty fresh food – for a fraction of the price.

Find free things to do!

There are so many free activities and days out you can explore, especially within big university towns. Instead of splurging on trips to the theme park or theatre, why not make plans to visit your local museums, farms or gardens, instead?

Don’t let money be your biggest worry at uni – make use of this good advice!