When it comes to cleaning your student house or accommodation for the end of tenancy, it is wise to put the effort in so you can get your deposit back! If it isn’t clean, they will have to pay for cleaners to go in and landlords and letting agents will charge you for it. Why? Because they shouldn’t be out of pocket for having to clean up after students.

Where To Start?

It depends what time everyone is leaving the house, it is best to coordinate this as best as possible so that you don’t leave first and then you get some of your deposit taken off you when you left the house in a clean state.

Either start in the kitchen or in the bedroom. The kitchen has the most challenges when it comes to cleaning a student’s house or accommodation and that’s where we will start! Read more facts on deposits in this in-depth article.

Cleaning The Kitchen In Your Student House / Accommodation

Start with the oven, this is going to take the most amount of time, if you use something like oven pride, this will help.

Top Tip: Don’t scratch the glass and make sure you soak the racks!

After that I would empty all the cupboards and get all the food out that you need to eat, throw or give away and then start on the fridge and freezer.

Try to remove any ice, they may ask you to defrost the freezer before you move out and turn off the fridge. Make sure you get ALL the bits of food out. Once they have been turned off and defrosted, you can then start to clean them, these don’t take long and usually only need a quick wipe.

Wipe the sides down and then hoover everything up in the kitchen – that is one room done! This is the biggest and most time consuming room.

Cleaning The Bathroom in a Student House / Accommodation

If you share a bathroom, make sure you all pitch in! If it is your own, it isn’t too bad. Make sure you clean the toilet, sink and shower well and then wipe down the doors on the shower if you have any.

If you have a shower curtain and it is mouldy, make sure you wash it first. Give the bathroom a good hoover and a very good wipe, make sure those taps really shine.

Cleaning The Living Room in a Student House / Accommodation

The floor in here is likely to be the dirtiest spot. If its non-carpeted, make sure that you give it a good mop and then hoover, clean up any mess and food packaging and get it all in the bin.

Check down the sides of the sofa to make sure that you haven’t lost anything and clean under there – this is where all the crumbs hide. After that, make sure that you clean the TV and behind it plus any shelves, and then you are all set.

Cleaning Your Bedroom in a Student House / Accommodation

This should be fairly quick and simple, before you move out, try and get everything packed into boxes and suitcases etc, and then out on the hallway, landing or bed and then give your room a hoover.

Get underneath the bed, wipe down your desk, window sills and skirting boards, and then make sure there is no food or rubbish in there what-so-ever.

Lock your room after you have finished, this way you know exactly how you have left it and others can’t get in and use it.

Leaving Your Student House or Accommodation Early?

If you are leaving early, clean your room as you would above – clean the cupboard that you have been using and make a good effort with the living room and kitchen so that you aren’t leaving it all to your housemates.

You can also inform the landlord and letting agent so that they can come and inspect your room and make sure everything is good!

Clean your food cupboard and make sure you have wiped it. If you get asked for a bill after this, you can definitely contest it with your friends, as far as the landlord is concerned, you are all equally liable and will be billed that way for fairness, but between you and your friends, if you are the first one out and you get less than your deposit back, you then have a case to put forward!

Student Cleaning Hacks

  • Look at the inventory and make sure that you clean everything that is listed, this is what the letting agent and landlord will be going off.
  • Don’t forget to take the bins out and get rid of them, make sure they are gone!
  • Clean windows and handles.
  • Use polish to make everything look nice at the end.
  • To really show off, place some scents around the house to make it smell nice and clean.