There are many important factors to consider when choosing a university, but one of the most important aspects yet one often overlooked is the cost of living. Life can be difficult financially as a student when you have to cover rent, bills, food, travel, entertainment and other costs with a student loan and getting a job is not always the best idea when studying.

With this in mind, here are a few of the most expensive places to go to university in the UK.

Cost of Living London

Unsurprisingly, the capital is the most expensive place to be a student with rent prices averages around £730 per person (excluding bills). This, along with the cost of living in London, can make it difficult to manage with a student loan but there are always ways to make savings, such as living in cheaper areas and walking/cycling instead of using public transport.

St. Andrews

The highest rental price outside the capital for students is St. Andrews on Scotland’s east coast, famous for being the third-oldest uni in the UK behind Cambridge and Oxford and for having alumni such as Prince Willian. At £544 per month, it is no surprise that this is a university often associated with the affluent.


Cambridge is an iconic university and one which is incredibly prestigious, but students certainly pay for the privilege when it comes to rent which works out at £533 per month to go with a high cost of living too.


Oxford UniversityThe oldest university in the English-speaking world, students will do well to get accepted to Oxford but will also find that they have huge costs to cover each month with rent costing on average £476 per month.

Royal Holloway

Royal Holloway is a stunning university found in Egham, but it is certainly not cheap with students having to fork out £463 on rent alone each month. For students that struggle to make ends meet each month, student payday loans can be a smart solution where you can get quick access to a loan to cover you until the next student loan instalment comes in.

These are a few of the most expensive cities to attend university in the UK with few surprises in the results. The cost of living is something which needs to be carefully considered when selecting a university, but you must also remember that there are always ways to make savings and/or increase the amount of money that you have to work with each month.