We all know that making your digs your own is a vital part of university life, especially when you start renting off-campus, but how can you add some furnishing flair without spending your entire maintenance grant? Here are some quick, easy and cheap ways to fix-up your student home for less.

Look for cheap versions of designer pieces

Recognisable design styles elevate the look and feel of any home instantly, but usually come with a price tag to match. Get the look for less by checking out cost-effective dupes from reputable retailers, particularly those that specialise in flat-pack pieces. VidaXL offers low-cost furniture for students, or you may find something suitable from the likes of eBay or other outlets that sell second-hand/pre-loved pieces.

Fairy LightsAdd fairy lights

If you’re thinking this sounds a little childish, we aren’t talking about multicoloured shapes, but simple, elegant white globe lights. Bundled up in a hurricane jar or strung above your bed, they add a certain New York loft vibe that’s impossible not to love.

Be more organised

Simple steps, such as adding drawer dividers, will make it easier to get the most from your storage space, which is probably in short supply. By using what you have to the fullest, you can avoid needless mess and enjoy a more attractive space.

DIY your lampshades

If you love the look of exotic lampshades that look as though they’ve come straight from a Moroccan bazaar, you can emulate them easily by poking a design in existing shades. Mark out your shapes with a pencil first, before using either a compass or a toothpick to complete the project.

Hang tapestries

Avoid the boredom of humdrum wallpaper by hanging some funky tapestries or throws. There are plenty of ways to hang them, to make sure you won’t damage the surface but install them evenly to get a more designer look. You want this to be stylish, not slung together!

Make a headboard

A gorgeous headboard instantly revamps a tired bedroom and you can be as creative as you like. From old pallets to worktop offcuts and even vintage doors found on local selling sites, anything can make an eye-catching and cool headboard. If you have a staple gun and some fabric offcuts, you could try your hand at something with a quilted effect, for the luxe look.

Print cushion covers

Personalised cushion covers are a quick way to put your stamp on a space. From your Hogwarts house to motivational reminders to study more, you can add anything you like and then layer them up on your bed or sofa, for a snuggly vibe.

Get out the washi tape

If you don’t know what washi tape is, now is the time to find out. Basically, it’s a printed adhesive tape, similar to masking styles, which can be applied to almost any surface and later removed, leaving no damage. The designs available are endless, so don’t limit yourself in terms of where you stick it. It looks great on boring sockets and light switches, for a start.

Don’t overlook plants

Real or fake, plants will make any student home look 10 times as stylish the second they are introduced. From cheap cacti to impossible-to-kill plastic styles, a little greenery goes a long way.

Decorating a student home doesn’t need to cost the earth, even if you want to create a beautiful and personal space that is conducive to studying, as well as socialising. You just have to be adventurous with your DIY skills and savvy with your spending.