Assignments. Submissions. Projects. Research papers. When you are in college, you have to go through a lot of work to get excellent grades. With so many assignment submissions and deadlines each week, it can get pretty hard to keep your studies, part-time jobs, and social lives balanced.

However, there is no need to worry; with the help of the Internet and various online tools and resources, you can complete all your tasks well before time!

Let’s see what best free info resources for students are available online.

Free Info – Wikipedia

Don’t feel like going to the library and shuffling through hundreds of books to find relevant info for your paper? With the help of Wikipedia, the free-content online encyclopedia, you don’t even have to leave the comforts of your bed!

It has tons of info on all fields of life, and you can easily get your facts and figures from here. Just be careful because anyone can start a Wikipedia page, so whilst a lot you read will be correct, just be sure to double check it, just in case!


Who isn’t familiar with the famous TEDTalks, right? TED hosts maverick and revolutionary speakers from all areas of life relating to science, technology, entertainment, education, and a lot more. These lectures range from a few minutes to several hours. The info that you get from there can be applied in various spheres of your life and will definitely help you become a better student.

Khan Academy

With their motto being “For free. For everyone. Forever.” Khan Academy provides free info to students, professionals, adults, children, and everyone who is interested in learning! With a variety of courses available from Mathematics to Programming to Economics, there is something for everyone.

If you want to brush up your fundamental skills, then Khan Academy is a great online resource to do so.


At times, we get assignments one on top of the other. With so much work to do, it can get really hard to find time to do each and every task alone. In the case of essays and research papers, you can take help from websites that have a large database of info.

One such tool that you can take help from is StudyDriver. With thousands of free essay samples available, you can collect relevant material from StudyDriver for your work. Moreover, you can use the various writing tools available there to ensure your writing tasks have no mistakes and that the work is error-free.


We all have used YouTube for one thing or another. This video platform is one of the most popular free info resources available online. On YouTube, you can learn almost anything and everything; from makeup tutorials to C++ programming tutorials, you will find loads of free info here!

This online resource is great for students as they brush up on their basic concepts or get help with some really hard-to-grasp ideas and knowledge. Whatever you are after, YouTube will be a definite help!


When you are writing we often use the same words repeatedly. In such cases, you can take help from an online Thesaurus. It is an excellent tool that ensures your work is diverse, elegant, and brings pleasure to the reader.

All you need to do is type the word in the search box and Voila! You will get tons of synonyms for the entered word.


Want to learn the basics of programming and coding for free? You should take a look at Codecademy. Even if it is not a part of your coursework, it is a valuable skill that will help you in the modern workforce.

Several coding languages are available on Codecademy, and depending on your preferences, you can learn and specialise in almost anything.  Whether it is Web Development that you are interested in, or a crash course of learning how to create mobile applications, Codecademy is there for you.

Open Yale Courses

Yale is one of the best universities in the world. Students work really hard to get into Yale and study under the professors there. With Open Yale Courses, students can get access to various courses online that are completely free with courses ranging from scientific subjects such as Physics, language courses such as Portuguese and Spanish, to business-related courses like Economics, this a great online resource.

If you want to increase your knowledge or expand your skills in a particular field, this website is perfect. You get high-quality video lectures, problem sets, suggested readings, as well as exams. 

Internet Archive

This is an American digital library that has a motto to provide free universal access to knowledge. You get free public access to collections of digital materials such as movies/videos, millions of books, software applications, games, music, etc.

With over 20 million books, 3 million movies, and 400,00 software programs, this is a huge online database of knowledge that you can use to help you with your college work. 

Big Think

Looking for a different and diverse perspective on a variety of topics? Big Think will provide you with a lecture series where you can get this. You can listen to emerging thought leaders talk about various big ideas on a very conceptual level.

The ideas are not profitable ones and will not help you with developing your skill set; however, it will help you develop your critical and analytical thinking. If you are stuck somewhere and want to brush up on your creative problem-solving skills, you will get plenty of help from Big Think.

Final Word

As students, we have to submit a lot of research papers, assignments, etc. Without help and proper guidance, it can get really hard and overwhelming. However, with the help of the best free info resources for students, you can make your work a whole lot easier!

These online tools will help you write the perfect essay, create the best project, and help you land the grade you have worked so hard for.

Get help from the above-mentioned tools, and get rid of that pressure and tension you have regarding your college work!

Happy Studying, Folks!