I used to do a part-time job and worked as a freelancer back when I was attending college. With a jam-packed schedule and working to the point of exhaustion, I made matters worse by eating lots of junk and processed food.

Doing exercise was out of the question as I always made excuses that I have no time to hit the gym. As a result, I developed health-related issues due to my carelessness.

My health practitioner advised me to stay physically active, buy the gym membership, and eat clean. Following his advice has been the sanest decision ever! It certainly paid off just two months into my attending gym in the evening. For an individual’s well-being, the critical role of a healthy diet and physical exercise cannot be denied.

Prevalent obesity and other health problems in college students these days is an alarming issue. As per the findings of a 2014 report by Physical Activity Council, 28% of the U.S population aged six and above are physically inactive.

One more study conducted by the Northwestern Medicine® and Northeastern Illinois University found that more than 60% of college students report not getting enough physical activity.

A well-rounded fitness routine is the only way to keep your health graph upbeat. Staying fit doesn’t only make you feel better and improve your confidence level but also provide additional benefits like cognitive development and social skills.

Let us ponder these components, which should be a must in every college student’s fitness routine.

Developing Your Time Management Skills

No, I did not go off-topic here.

When you work on your time management, it will be easier for you to take out time for your fitness regime.

This was concluded by the researchers at Bethel College, Indiana. Their research found that packed schedules, social life, sleeping habits, homework, and extracurricular activities were the factors that keep students from adopting a fitness routine. (I can share the pain, for sure!) All of these factors can be managed once you learn to balance work, health, and family.

Begin by analysing how much time you spend using your phone aimlessly. It will help you assess whether or not you have time for a fitness routine.

Set Your Fitness Goals

Are you going to the gym without a proper goal? Sounds more like a time-wasting idea. You cannot stay consistent without motivation.

According to your fitness level or doctor’s recommendation, you can set goals about your weight and measurements. If weight loss is not the goal for which you are working out, aim to build more strength, muscles, and stamina until a specific date.

Plan what sort of physical activity you will enjoy the most. Choose Pilates, Zumba, HIIT, Yoga, or any other workout that you think will work best for you. We recommend you find a perfect balance between aerobic and anaerobic exercises for long-term health and wellness.

Watch What You Eat

If you are a college student like I was, you too must hear “Extra Fries” every time someone says “Exercise.” But, if you munch on junk food all day and call the food delivery service every other night for those juicy burgers, exercise alone will not be as effective.

Refer to the study by Northwestern Medicine and Northeastern Illinois University. They found that a whopping 95 percent of college students fail to eat the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables.

A well-balanced diet and increased intake of fruits and veggies will prevent and manage chronic diseases. It will give a boost to your immune system and help you lose those extra pounds.

Try Taking Activity Breaks Between Studies

Studying a strict curriculum that requires much of your time and attention is daunting. But you could prove to the world that you can handle both studies and wellness.

Set a specific time frame for the study session daily. In between your mind-exhausting sessions, try doing physical activity.

You can use your activity break to do some stretching poses and stability exercises like a plank. Moreover, you can ride a bicycle around your premises for 15 minutes.

Exercise RoutineSplit Your Workout Regimen

One more thing you should consider doing is to split your regime and specify days for your body’s target area.

Let’s assume you have planned a four day per week workout schedule. For the first two days, you can focus on upper and do exercises targeting the arms, shoulders, and upper back. You can do part two of the upper body workout by chest exercises the next day.

Set a day to focus on your core and do a workout that will strengthen your core and shun off the excess fat. Dedicate another day to work on your legs.

Get a Membership for a Campus Gym

Colleges offer affordable and flexible membership for students to avail of. Going regularly and sticking with a routine will get you in the habit of staying fit. It is a resource that you must use.

Encourage friends to join with you as having gym buddies is highly motivational. Another promising advantage is that you can use the equipment as suggested by the trainers at your college gym, which means your workout will be a supervised and balanced one.

Your Dormroom Workout

Back to back lessons, demanding assignments and quizzes, and a tight daily schedule may hinder your ability to hit the gym consistently.

Unlike a crowded gym, your sanctuary will prove to be a more serene place to work out peacefully. You don’t even need gym clothes for these sessions in your dorm room or apartment. Men can put on their comfortable boxer briefs or women can put on their favourite all-flexy yoga pants and start right away.

You can perfectly achieve your fitness goals without the gym equipment. Just get some affordable equipment like jump rope, dumbells, and resistance bands. Or, you can skip even these and go for bodyweight exercises which can be done without any equipment.

Sign up for High School Sports

Football Soccer UniversityIntramural sports like basketball and football are a great way to build stamina. It is one of the most fun ideas for a college student to stay fit, so join the practice sessions every now and then.

One good aspect of these sports is that they provide an opportunity for competition among students and even teachers at times. This competition is quite motivating, which will compel the student to practice even more. Joining intramural sports will break the monotony of a robust academic schedule for you and provide a routine.

Summing up

A well-rounded fitness program in your college life will promote health and longevity. You don’t have to ace in all sorts of elements that are possible for college students. Instead, balance them in a way that you do each consistently as it will help you achieve your fitness goals and build immense stamina.