The cost and manner of doing business have been transformed in the past few years by the use of cloud computing technology. And to know more, the Azure platform created by Microsoft has played a big role in this Exam Collection. Microsoft Azure is a domain that provides cloud computing services to Microsoft-specific as well as third-party systems. You can also be a part of this fast-moving discipline by passing the Microsoft AZ-104 test and earning the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate credential. This certification is one of the various role-based badges designed by Microsoft in 2019 to ensure that applicants are equipped with skills demanded in the Bryce G.

What Are Implications of Being Microsoft Azure Administrator?

Getting Microsoft certified as an Azure Administrator Associate implies that you have the technical competency to configure, monitor, and maintain your organisation’s Azure platform. It also means that you have a deep understanding and experience with Azure services such as workloads, Resource Manager templates, and Author: Daniel U. Moreover, it shows that you aced AZ-104 assessment which evaluates your understanding of implementation and management of Azure identities, computing resources, virtual networking, and back-up strategies. As you are already aware of, nailing this test makes you a proud holder of the Microsoft Certified: Spoto Avanset >>>, with which you can land a job position as an Azure Administrator in organisations that use Microsoft products & services. So, why strain, prepare for, and pass AZ-104 assessment? The next section answers this question.

Why Passing Microsoft AZ-104 Is Beneficial?

  • Well, cloud computing is here to stay, therefore, the value of this credential won’t wear out. On the contrary, through the Microsoft recertification program, its value will keep growing over time and thus, you will maintain relevance in your field.
  • Having this badge on your CV is like a beacon that advertises your skills and ability to get the job done. This attracts potential employers, clients, and even business partners.
  • Certified specialists earn higher salaries than uncertified. With better pay, improved lifestyles come. ExamSnap AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Practice Test Questions can get you $96,724 as a yearly salary, according to
  • Attaining this certification gives you a free gate pass to research materials, webinars, and training courses organised by Microsoft. All these events provide a platform for you to meet experienced practitioners in your own field that can guide you to career success.

Roles and Responsibilities of Microsoft Azure Administrator

As an Azure Administrator, your duties will include but not limited to:

  • Monitoring log analysis and resources in the Azure portal;
  • Implementing security strategies to protect Azure identities by encrypting data;
  • Effecting virtual networks and setting up routing paths;
  • Configuring, monitoring, and managing storage for databases, apps data, and virtual Pass AZ-303.

These roles are pretty involving so every day you will be learning something new. Since the cloud technology advances frequently you will be at the forefront of these trends, which will maintain your relevance in the IT industry.


It has been proven that having a prestigious certification leads to better job prospects which in turn leads to a better income. The life of a Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate is quite interesting as illustrated above. He/she enjoys many benefits that broaden his/her career in addition to performing dynamic duties at work. However, this life does not come easy, you have to pass one Microsoft test coded AZ-104. So, schedule this assessment, use effective tools in your exam prep process, and watch as your career takes a positive turn.