This has been a year of confusion and turmoil for people of all ages across the world. The covid-19 coronavirus swept across the world in the early part of 2020 causing mayhem just about everywhere and forcing governments to take drastic action to try and control the spread of the virus. While businesses had to close their doors and employees were either laid off or sent to work from home, and the retail sector shut down in all but essentials cases, schools and other educational facilities had no option but to close, with children undertaking rudimentary home schooling during the lockdown period.

Naturally, home schooling and online classes do not match up to the school classroom teaching experience, and many parents had neither the time nor the skills to adequately teach their children. The result has seen an entire generation of young people, across many countries, lose out on their education and restart a long way behind where they should be. What’s the answer? Now is the time to look at hiring a tutor, so let’s talk more about why this should be.

The Future of Covid-19

While things have become calmer and seemingly closer to under control, there is still a great deal of uncertainty regarding the future and the coronavirus crisis. A sudden rise in cases could see more local lockdowns imposed across the UK – and schools closed once again. Children have already lost a great deal of time on the curriculum that they will need to claw back if they are to be ready to perform when we reach exam season.

This is not a job for parents but for experienced and qualified tutors such as the Winnipeg tutors at Tutor Doctor who serve Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. A team of tutors can be found here offering a wide range of subjects and services, and where possible they can also provide one to one tutoring, as long as it is safe. However, even where face to face is not possible there remains the option of professional online tutoring, which many of the Tutor Doctor team have been trained to provide. What can they help you with? Let’s have a closer look.

Tutoring At Home

Tutor Doctor has a selection of subjects that form the core of their tutoring classes, including maths, science, French and prep courses for the standard exams (in Canada). All tutors are fully experienced in their subjects and are trained in the art of one to one tuition. Tutor Doctor can also draw up personalised teaching plans for students who may have particular aims, which will help where youngsters need to get back up to speed for upcoming exams. This is a safeguard against any possible further disruption as well as a method of filling in the gaps that have been created by lost school time.

The difference between Tutor Doctor and other schemes lies in the ability to tailor courses on an individual basis, and they cater for students of all ages so even those entering higher and further education may benefit. Friendly and approachable, and professional at all times, this is a company that recognises how record numbers of children have had to miss out on their education because of circumstances beyond control, and that aims to restore the missing knowledge as best they can. If you think your child could benefit from personal tutoring in and around Winnipeg, get in touch with Tutor Doctors now and they will be happy to talk about the services they provide.