If you’re an athlete, or have taken up a rigorous training routine recently, you’re going to want to find ways to sleep better for improved performance. Studies indicate that a good night’s sleep can improve both mental and physical performance, as well as ensure that you’re staying healthy for your game.

Learning how to sleep better as an athlete requires the right sleep set-up, which includes the best bed for your rest (be it a king size mattress or something smaller), a disciplined sleep schedule, and a consistent sleep routine.

Here are the best ways to sleep better for performance if you’re an athlete:

Finding a sleeping style that works for you

The best mattress size for athletes will vary depending on the type of bedroom and rest required. If you have the space, the best king size mattresses will ensure you have plenty of room to toss and turn while you’re trying to minimise strain on your body.

King size mattresses are also a great choice for those looking for maximum comfort in their night’s sleep, and can ensure your body doesn’t have to contort into unnatural positions to gain a sense of comfort. Do some research on mattress materials to ensure you pick something that has the right balance of support and comfort for you.

If you’re not convinced that a king size mattress is best for you, a good idea might be to measure the size of your room to check that you have space for one. King size mattresses are usually seventy-six inches wide and eighty inches long.

king size mattressEnsuring you have a strong sleep hygiene

Your sleep hygiene refers to the sets of habits and practices you engage in the hours before you go to sleep. This can mean anything from taking a warm shower before you go to sleep at night to making sure you’re drinking a warm cup of chamomile tea to prime your body for a good night’s sleep.

Sleep hygiene also refers to avoiding unhealthy practices before going to bed. If you have an early start to the day because of training, you’re probably already maintaining a strong diet, but try to reserve heavier, mass-building meals for the middle of the day.

Staying away from devices a few hours before bedtime can also ensure you sleep better through the night. If you have any last minute work you wish to get done, try and make sure you do it out of the bedroom, which should be reserved for restful activities that recharge your body.

Make sure you’re set up to sleep better

If you’re pretty certain you already have the best mattress out there for your sleep, then it’s time to move on to other tools that can help you get a great night’s rest. An adjustable bed frame coupled with the best king size mattress is really an unstoppable duo when it comes to a good night of rest.

Other tools that can help you sleep better include weighted blankets and increasing your use of sleep trackers. These can help ensure your sleep schedule remains consistent throughout the night, and keep you motivated to stay disciplined about when you go to sleep and rise in the morning.

From finding the best king size mattress for your rest, to understanding just how your body responds to different sleep hygiene habits, it really is in the best interest of every athlete to get acquainted with a good night’s rest. With the help of these tips, you’ll be performing better than ever out on the field or court, and stay sleeping sound the minute you hit the bed.