The director of Premier Polytunnels, Deborah Wood, is teaching students about the mental health benefits gardening produces. Her advice comes as gardening has increased in popularity during the lockdown.

Here, we’ll look at the advice Deborah is offering and how she has become a leader in the industry.

Who is Deborah Wood?

Deborah Wood is the Director of leading company Premier Polytunnels. She set up the business age 25 after realising her dream job was out of reach. Polytunnels was something she was familiar with, although that didn’t mean she didn’t face troubles along the way.

She knows first-hand how deflating it can be after graduating, not being able to find your dream job. So, she wants to provide hope to students who might be experiencing the same worries.

The company has gone from strength to strength since it began, making Deborah one of the most successful women in the industry.

Inspiring students to set up their own business

When Deborah left university, she wanted to work in the journalism field. After years of ensuring she had the proper qualifications, the UK was in recession, making it difficult for her to find a job. That’s when she decided it was time to take control and set up her own business.

The way the economy is right now, is similar to when Deborah found herself disheartened as a student. It is something thousands of students are facing right now, unsure of where to turn. So, Deborah wanted to offer her advice and experience in order to help them see they had other options they might not have considered.

The mental health benefits of gardening

As well as sharing her business advice, Deborah also explained the mental health benefits of gardening. Her company, Premier Polytunnels, offers a wide range of polytunnels for business and domestic use.

There have been a lot of studies which have shown the mental health benefits of gardening. Deborah’s company works alongside NHS trusts, prisons and schools for example, to aid them in their horticultural therapy sessions. Gardening is often used as a therapeutic tool.

Regular gardening can reduce stress, along with the symptoms of depression and anxiety. It can also lower the risk of dementia and can be great physical exercise too. These are just some of the great benefits it provides.

The recent lockdown has drastically impacted student lives. With many now facing being unable to return home for Christmas, it is important to teach them healthy coping mechanisms. Not only is Deborah Wood helping to provide hope during this economically challenging time, but she is also helping to spread awareness of the mental health benefits of gardening.