While it’s fun to try thinking outside the box sometimes, you’ll often find the best gift ideas are those everyday practical items your dad will really use. These gift ideas fit all types of dads so no matter if your dad is sporty, outdoorsy, or nerdy, there’s something here he will use. Practical gifts can also fit all sizes of budget and any personal taste imaginable. Gift-giving doesn’t have to be hard! Here are 10 must-have dad gifts we know he’ll love. 

#1. More Socks For The Sock Drawer 

Whether your dad’s socks have holes or lost their better half in the laundry, he can always use more. Pro-tip: some retailers offer gift sets like these sweet patterned socks with custom labels from No Cold Feet to make the gift extra special. You can choose a pre-made label or create your own feet-related dad joke that he’s sure to love. Patterned or colourful socks are always a fun way to spice up his wardrobe, too. 

#2. Dad Always Needs A New Wallet 

What dad couldn’t use a new wallet? They typically use the same wallet for decades until it’s all worn and falling apart. So treat him to a new one and make it something nice like a leather wallet with plenty of room to hold photos of his favorite kid. If you have a more modern dad, go for a minimalist wallet money clip that slides out of his phone case. Either way, this is one accessory dad can’t live without. 

#3. Dads love Cigars

Do you want to delight your father with a lavish and specific gift? Probably yes, you do! Cigars are considered to be elegant and exquisite so a Cuban cigar set could be an ideal luxury gift to surprise him. There are numerous types of cigars depending on the smoker’s taste and preferences. A real aficionado will appreciate Trinidad Fundadores which are mild and yet flavourful with aromas of sweet cedar, light grassiness, and hints of cream taste. As for beginners or lighter smokers, you can take H Upmann Cigars for their balanced taste, Davidoff, or Romeo Y Julieta Churchills.

#4. Make Sure Dad’s Phone Is Always Charged

Is your dad’s phone constantly DOA? There never seem to be enough chargers, but you can change that by getting him a few extra charger cords or a cool wireless charger. If he needs to be able to charge his phone when he’s out and about or on a fishing trip, you can get him a portable charge bank. Here is a list of the best portable charge blocks from PC Magazine. 

#5. Dads Always Carry Pocket Knives 

Need to cut the tape on your package? Want to slice up an apple freshly picked from the orchard? Or you have the sudden desire to whittle a stick? Don’t worry, dad and his pocket knife are there for you. What? Your dad doesn’t have a pocket knife? No problem, you just found your next gift idea. A Swiss army knife is also a great idea because then dad can carry several tools at once in his pocket. 

#6. Rechargeable Batteries Because That’s Dad’s Job

It’s an unspoken household rule that dad is in control of the batteries. He knows where they are, which ones are good, and is the official restocker when supplies run low. You can make sure that dad always has fresh batteries, and help save the environment, by investing in a rechargeable battery kit as dad’s next gift. When the battery runs out of power you simply plug it into the recharger and its filled with new energy. 

#7. A Yeti Tumbler For Keeping Coffee Warm And Beer Cold

If you haven’t tried a Yeti tumbler yet, you’ve been missing out. It doesn’t just keep warm stuff warm and cold stuff cold for a few hours, it literally works all day long. Made from kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel and using double-wall vacuum insulation, it simply defies the laws of physics and temperature. If your dad needs to keep his coffee warm all day long, this is the perfect tumbler for him. It also keeps ice-cold drinks chilly all day long. 

#8. Keep Dad Awake With A Coffee Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are a trendy gift right now but this one is totally useful. If your dad drinks coffee, a subscription box will help him taste all there is to offer out there in the world of hot bean juice. Each month he will get a box of caffeinated goodness in the mail shipped right to his door. Maybe the two of you can have a heart to heart over a cup of joe at his place one morning and use the delicious coffee you gave him as a gift. 

#9. Heated Massager For Dad’s Aching Back

Backaches are a plight many dads suffer from–must be all that hard labor mom has them doing around the house! A heated back massager is a great investment for any dad who complains of back pain. NY Magazine came out with a list of the best heated back massagers for 2020. Your biggest decision will be choosing a hand-held or a chair-mount unit. This device will provide hours of relaxation for your dear old dad. 

#10. Hot Sauce, Because Dads Love Spicy Stuff

Does your dad slather hot sauce on every food you put in front of him? Dads all over are famous for their hot sauce spice tolerance levels. For his next gift, get your dad a whole gift basket full of the craziest hot sauces you can find. You can pick them based on nationality, the artwork on the bottle, the flavours, or the level of heat. Maybe the whole family can have a taste test over dinner. 

#11. More Tools For The Garage 

If you need a specific tool for the job, you know where to borrow it from! Dads spend their adult lives collecting tools as they fix things around the house. Are there any tools missing from your dad’s collection? Maybe a few of his tools could use an upgrade, like a new digital tape measure? If he has lots of tools already then maybe some tool organisers are in order. 

Make your dad’s next gift something special that he’ll use every day while he thinks of you with a smile on his face. These gifts are budget-friendly, thoughtful, and perfect for any gift-giving occasion. Your dad is going to love any gift you give him, but these practical gifts will make him even happier.