Becoming a student is meant to usher in one of the best times of someone’s life. The experience of going to university, becoming independent and making friends for life is one that appeals to an awful lot of people. Of course, besides that, there are some other benefits to the student experience; most notably financial – here’s how to take advantage of some of them.

Are There Any Specific Cards/Apps Available?

The first thing that springs to mind when people discuss the financial benefits of being a student and being savvy with money is discounts. These can come in all shapes and sizes, but the most notable ones are linked to specific apps or cards that you gain access to through student status. For instance, the TOTUM card offers a whole range of discounts on everything from technology to fashion, with brands such as Apple holding special offers. In addition, the TOTUM card is noted as the only discount card to be recognised by the National Union of Students. Usage of the TOTUM card does come at a price however – it’s £24.99 for three years, which, isn’t all that much money, especially given the size and scale of discounts on offer.

Discounts and special consideration for being a student don’t just apply to cards specifically designed for such activity, and extend to some of the most used apps out there. Streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music regularly advertise heavily discounted pricing for students on the premium plans they offer. This is also true for others like Amazon who entice those in further education to join Prime at half price through a student-only price bracket that stills give you access to all of its features, be it the free next-day delivery or the vast selection of programming on Prime Video such as The Grand Tour or Mr. Robot.

What Other Ways Are There To Be Financially Sound? 

More broadly speaking, to best utilise your money as a student, one of the best things possible to do is to take advantage of holiday sales, be it Christmas or Black Friday, or just generic sales that come around at all times throughout the year. Products will obviously get marked down to an appealing price, at which point it might be best to pull the trigger and buy what you wish for, within reason of course.

When deciding if a certain product is right for you, then one of the best ports of call in any case are review and comparison sites. These offer expert opinions on the latest and greatest products from qualified journalists and writers in the field. For technology, sites such as Trusted Reviews and CNET have a long-held reputation for providing un-biased and fair reviews on everything from smart clocks to graphics cards. Comparison sites such as Price Runner are also extremely useful when it comes to checking prices to make sure you’re getting the best deal. As Sue Dawson from Best New Bingo Sites says, “comparison sites are a great way to shop around and ensure you get the best deal”. There’s never been any advantage to take the first price for a product you see as gospel; it’s worth checking to see if it’s cheaper elsewhere, and when you find the thing you want, utilising browser extensions such as Honey that find coupon codes for you can also help you save even more money.

Arguably the best thing about being a student is the raft of discounts and offers that come with it. By taking advantage of these, it’s possible to save yourself an absolute fortune and also enjoy some good stuff in the process, and the providers and services mentioned above are a great starting point.