It has been refreshing and fun coming out after months indoors. In the middle of this newfound freedom, we seem to be headed back into another lockdown. With an upsurge of cases, some parts of the UK are considering locking down. For those in university, who would want to keep their independence from their parents or those who wouldn’t make it home, the dorm will be home during the lockdown. There will be a lot of time at hand, and engaging oneself will help pass the time. Here are some interesting things with which you could keep yourself busy.

Learn a New Language

While boosting your brain power, learning a new language allows you to have fun discovering the culture of other people through their language. The complexity of a new language requires a learner to not only familiarise yourself with words and vocabulary but also to recall these phrases, and being able to use them correctly. This sharpens the mind and improves memory. In the end, you improve your networking abilities and is able to understand other peoples’ opinions. Using apps like Babbel is great way to learn a new language and you can download it on your iOS device and use it anywhere and anytime. When you are in university, you are at the peak of your learning abilities. Try learning French or Spanish for example, and be able to go wherever you want when the world is back to normal!

Volunteer for Health and Emergency Services

From your couch or bed in the dorm you still can keep that charitable and helpful spirit up! You could apply to help sort data, translate information if you are multilingual, teach people safety measures, and the importance of following the guideline through social media platforms. You could even come up with a system of delivering groceries to the seniors of your communities. Who knows? Your time and dedication could help curb the disease, and we could venture outdoors again!


Staying indoors can be so dull and tedious. Working out helps break this numbness while also boosting your health. Download a yoga app or follow a yoga instructor and explore the flexibility of your body! You could be surprised what consistency can achieve. You could find an area inside or outside the dorm and enjoy the fresh air while stretching. You just need a few minutes and remember to keep the two-meter distance guideline. If you prefer to stay inside your dorm, there’s plenty of things you can do that won’t take up too much space.

Learn How to Cook and Bake

Acquiring a new skill could help make you have purpose, and there could be no better time than this to explore the world of ovens and pans. Look for recipes and cookbooks online and try out making a cake and plan for tomorrow’s meal. Treat yourself with royal-like delicacies and new cuisines! After all, you need calories to burn while working out. You can only make so many scones, cookies, and pasta dishes!

Take an Online Course

Assignments, lectures and projects usually eat into a student’s time. With a load of school work most at times, we do not engage ourselves in things and topics we are interested in. Whether it is economics, politics, international relations or nutrition, this is the time to enrol in that online course and even get a certificate. You never know what kind of course you’ll stumble upon that you may just fall in love with! With all of this time indoors, you may as well do something useful for your future.

Have a Cleaning Schedule

Ensuring your space is clean and organized is a great way to improve your mood. Cleaning your room, daily will gives a satisfying feeling that will help you venture into activities of the day. Such a routine will also help you plan your day orderly. So, draw those curtains, open the window breath the fresh air, play your favourite playlist, and start your day positive!

This period, just like last time, will be challenging. However, now we have experience in lockdowns. So, remember to keep in touch with friends and family through social media. Video conference your friends and play some games or do karaoke and in no time, we shall explore the outside again and be out of the woods!