There’s no denying it’s been a difficult 2020 for us all. Friends and families forced into lockdown, businesses going bankrupt, people left out of pocket. It’s been tough. BUT, we must look at the positives, stay strong and support each other. We are not far from it being a year since Covid started controlling our lives, and with a vaccine and mass testing just around the corner, hopefully in a few months we will be able to look back like it was a bad dream and carry on into the future with some kind of normality, where we can socialise living life once again, risk free. We, like everyone out there, are looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel where people are safe, venues, events and establishments are open – it will literally be music to our ears.

During this pandemic, here at Student Pocket Guide, we have, like many small businesses, had to adapt, think-outside-of-the-box, keep changing our plans in-line with new government advice and restrictions, and we have done just that. We are extremely grateful that we are not only surviving this pandemic but coming out of it stronger unlike other unfortunate SMEs. Whilst the situation is dire for so many people, remaining focused on the positives there will be new companies being established and surviving businesses thriving – opportunities will come out of this.

In summary to our year, it’s been very, very strange, and difficult. I say this from a Director’s and a Founder’s point of view where, for the past 15 years I personally have been grafting from the office and involved in the daily grind with my team, which came to halt in March. Having this time away from the office has however allowed my mind to naturally focus on the core value of the business. I’ve still had my fair share of usual content duties – my highlights being interviewing Ashley Walters, Raphael Rowe, Ella Henderson, The Vamps, Faithless and David Haye. Asides from these privileges though, the company has far better processes, streamlined workflows, a solid more focused plan and some very exciting website developments soon to be launched. Our next magazine, being released in January features some huge names and our secret cover star has agreed to share our magazine to their huge 8M+ followers on Instagram! We’ll certainly be coming out of this pandemic stronger and will be recruiting more roles in the near future, so watch this space.

I’d like to show huge gratitude to the wonderful people who have literally been life savers. Thank you Captain Sir Thomas Moore – the whole world salutes you, no words describe how amazing you are. Thank you to our incredible NHS and key workers for your support, hard work and for keeping people safe, and thank you to simply everyone who has done their bit by staying at home, following the rules and maintaining social distancing – I’ll stop there, I’m starting to sound like Boris.

On this note I’d like to end with a massive thank you from us all at Student Pocket Guide to everyone who has been supporting us. That might be by reading our magazine, visiting our website, redeeming a deal, entering a competition, commenting/liking/sharing our Facebook/Twitter/Insta/LinkedIn posts or watching our videos on YouTube. We appreciate you all very much. Stay safe, stay strong and let’s keep supporting each other.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Take care.


Ben Farrin
Student Pocket Guide Founder