Currently, the world is focused on facing the near and long-term term challenges of COVID 19. However, medical veterans can already see the future, about the changes that promise to bring new medical technologies beyond the current challenges.

New technologies are being implemented at every level of the medical industry. With the COVID 19 outbreak, medical technology evolved further to support humanity. We are already using some of the best medical technologies and what’s most intriguing is to see the emergence of new technologies when this is all over.

Seeing how the technologies are being used to deliver efficient services to the patients, we can predict how telemedicine will evolve in the future.

How COVID 19 Has Brought Changes In The Healthcare Delivery System

After the COVID 19 pandemic, the world is thrown into chaos. It has already been over six months since the international lockdown was declared. It is hard to imagine what the world will look after this catastrophic event is over.

Let’s spare some time to see how this event has brought changes in the healthcare delivery system.

Service disruption

With the outburst of COVID 19, most of the health services have been partially disrupted worldwide. In a survey, it has been seen that more than 50% of the countries have disrupted their hypertension medical service. The most disrupted healthcare service was medical rehabilitation. Even though rehabilitation is the key to boost your immune system to fight back COVID 19, people are afraid of spreading Coronavirus to a recovering patient by getting in contact with them.

Medical distancing

Even with medical distancing, however, it’s still possible to contract COVID-19. In these cases, it’s important to get tested as quickly as possible so you can know whether you need to self-isolate. You can get tested at a community testing centre or a clinic. You can also get mobile COVID testing Atlanta and other US cities with a service such as Drip Hydration. In-home testing provides the same answers but without the need to travel to a testing centre and potentially risk exposing yourself – or others – to the virus.

To counter the COVID 19 virus, key medical authorities like WHO (World health organisation) and CDC (Centre for disease control and prevention) have been continuously creating awareness of maintaining a limited physical distance between healthcare providers and patients.

Telehealth services are playing a vital role in lowering the spread of Coronavirus. The effects of maintaining a medical distance are helping patience with dermatology, cardiology, and diabetic patients.

The way medical distancing is being enforced; we can see that it will become a part of future medical treatments.

Crowd disease monitoring

The spread of Coronavirus can only be stopped if the people are timely tracked and segregated out. This way, we will be able to save people who are not being infected. Digital health experts are using applications and software to track down people who are found infected.

People asked to put all their medical data in the application for the government authorities to track. This is done to make sure infested people can be restricted from getting contact with healthy people.

This technology might remain in the medical industry, even after COVID 19 crisis is over.

Health information exchange

Seeing how the pandemic and overcrowding of patients is creating problems for the medical representatives, we need a medical data exchange platform to solidify the currency medical health infrastructure.

Currently, developers are working on software that will help healthcare personnel with data exchange platforms. This platform will not only contain patients’ medical data, but it will also have their online and offline activity.

The technology to store these data is still under processes. But some of the medical experts have placed their thought of using blockchain in this matter.

Demands for healthcare gadgets

The after-effects of the widespread Coronavirus have left a seismic wave effect in society. People are now concerned about their healthcare and immune system. The fear of infection has caused a great uproar among the people. They are adopting every possible method to keep themselves healthy. It even includes taking help from healthcare gadgets like smart wearables and personal home equipment.


The aftereffects of COVID world will be remembered as when the medical interaction between the doctors and the patients were done with medical technologies. While we had a little impact on Coronavirus’s digital health industry, we have indeed accepted the digital healthcare system as a norm.

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