Did you know that students should consider getting business cards? And that they need these business cards well before they graduate?

Let’s learn why students need business cards and how they can use them effectively at every stage of their education and beyond.

It Ensures that Everyone Has Your Correct Contact Information

Do you want to impress college recruiters? Give them a business card when they ask for your contact information. They will know that you’ve invested more time and effort into long-term plans than the average applicant. If you give a business card to high school counsellors, scholarship coordinators and other administrative officials, they’re more likely to call you back and will certainly have the right information to follow up on your contact request.

It Helps Your Career Today and Tomorrow

Dressing professionally when interviewing for grad school increases your odds of acceptance just as it would when you apply for an internship or fellowship. Presenting the interview with a business card and having a formal exchange of business cards simply furthers that image. Or put your business card up on the bulletin board if you are offering services to fellow students today, whether it is calculus tutoring or hair styling.

Always create business cards before you begin job hunting, a good idea to speed up the process of creating your business card design is to use business card templates and customise them. You may not be able to attach your business card to your resume, but you can give it to any and every recruiter you meet. You should give business cards to every potential job lead you meet. Yes, a business card is essential to successful professional networking. It should be given to everyone from your date’s parents to alumni you meet at clubs. You don’t know where your next lead may come from, but you can’t afford to ignore any of them.

It Puts Your Best Foot Forward

A well-designed business card isn’t just for job hunters. It can help you in a variety of situations. Do you want the resident assistant of the dorm to contact you? Leaving a business card is more likely to result in a call or text than simply sending them a text message or email. It also serves of a reminder of your request to be contacted regarding an issue. Do you want to talk to your professor about your grades or get a letter of recommendation from a teacher? Give them your business card with a note about what you need. They’re much more likely to contact you or send you the information you need than when you just speak about it in a casual conversation. It may impress your date, when you give them your phone number on a printed business card instead of simply telling it to them.

It Can Build Your Brand

Every business card should be professional and polished. However, the form that takes is based on the brand you want to build. A future math teacher working as a part-time tutor today should have a business card that evokes thoughts of equations and young scholars. A future programmer’s business card can include links to their social media profiles that showcase their current robotics projects and mention their internships.

Don’t forget to make the business card itself professional. For example, you don’t want an email address on the business card that would turn off recruiters. Don’t include links to social media profiles that don’t enhance your professional image. The classic version of this mistake is giving them a Facebook profile that could lead to embarrassing pictures that cause them to reject your job application.