Writing always was and still remains a major part of the learning process regardless of your major. Even with technology-driven education reforms students will not experience any lack of written assignments any time soon there are many written examples at https://studyfy.com/essay-samples. Assigning an essay or two to the students is a quick and efficient way to make sure they paid attention in class. It also allows for students to tap into their creative side a little.

And since there is no escaping the bulky writing assignments, you might as well start learning how to deal with them. Statistically, most of the time students spend on academic writing is wasted on menial tasks. And it can become a little frustrating when you spend hours upon hours proofreading instead of doing something useful. So, here is how you can save your time using commonly accessible online services.


Virtually every academic paper you will run into throughout your years in college has a specific grading process. The very first three things any professor will pay attention to when looking through your writing are as follows:

  • Originality
  • Grammar
  • Delivery

The actual substance of your writing is, of course, important as well. But when we are talking strictly about the first impressions, we have to limit ourselves to surface-level features of one’s writing.

Getting all three of those right may be harder than you think. Especially when you are dealing with bigger formats of academic writing than you are used to. Even the most obvious mistakes can be hard to spot when you’ve been sitting behind your computer for the last five hours straight. Luckily, there are plenty of handy tools a student can use to make sure his paper is as polished as can be.

If you have absolutely no time to spare you can look for an online proofreading service to help you out. It is a last resort solution that will help you take care of the mounting deadlines quickly. It’s a great tool that will save you countless times. But you shouldn’t jump to it from the get-go. Outsourcing all your work to external services has little educational benefits.

Now, when you need to make sure your grammar is spot-on there are few services like Grammarly. It packs all the functionality you need in a pretty appealing package. It is very easy to use and its user interface will help your efficiency skyrocket. It is also completely free. Unless you want to throw some money at developers to get some extra features like text analysis and suggestions based on your audience.


Next up on the list is your paper’s originality. Professors frequently run their students’ papers through a plagiarism check. This is supposed to make sure they have actually worked on their assignment and didn’t simply copy it from somewhere. It is basically a measurement of how much effort you put into your assignment. And as such, it is a major factor that can have a heavy impact on your grade.

You’d think avoiding plagiarism in your work is an easy task. All one has to do is not copy and paste anything from online sources. But it’s not really that simple. Just like with many other college tasks, a student’s overworked mind can play tricks. Even though you did not purposefully quote online sources, there is a small chance your wording is similar enough to trip the plagiarism checker.

The good news is you don’t have to wait for your paper to be graded to figure out whether or not your text contained plagiarism. There are plenty of online plagiarism checkers that will help you make absolutely sure you are safe from getting an automatic ‘F’.

Quetext is one of them. It takes less than a minute to run your text through one of those. Make sure you do so even if you are absolutely sure that your paper is as original as can be. It never hurts to be extra safe. It is much better to spend an extra minute on your assignment than risk having to redo it from scratch.


Keeping your delivery on point has probably the lowest priority out of all three. An academic paper is supposed to be well-researched first and pretty second. That’s the logic many students use. And the writing style oftentimes gets overlooked because of it.

In reality, there is a lot of value in making your text easy to read. You have to remember that your professors are people too. They can get tired and they can get distracted. And even though they might be used to powering through heaps of technical terms thrown together with little regard for clarity, that doesn’t mean they like it.

Hemingway is a pretty simple yet very useful app that will help you imbue your paper with a little bit of appeal. Its algorithm scans your text, locates questionable sentences, and gets back to you with suggestions on how you might want to fix those. Keep in mind that it is a supporting tool. Try not to follow its instructions blindly. Take its advice and put your spin on them.

Even though it might not seem like much, anyone reading your paper will definitely appreciate the effort you put into making it look nicer. Little things like this one will make your work stand out from the rest of the students. It will help you get an edge over your peers and improve your standing with your professors if only marginally.

Final Words

Never before in the history of mankind was there a better time for writers. Thanks to the wonders of technology, you can bypass the majority of the proofreading routine. So do not be shy to make the best use of tools that are available to you. Mastering those will guarantee you success with written assignments all the way until your graduation. And chances are, you will be making use of those throughout your professional career as well.