The cost of universities and colleges keeps rising each year, making it difficult for some students to progress with their education. The good news is that students can apply for scholarships on a need basis to further their education.

These gifts to students and can be given by employers, private companies, individuals, communities, schools, or religious groups. Learning how to find and apply for scholarships can help you save some tuition money and increase your confidence as you attend college or university.

Establish the scholarship’s requirements

Scholarships may be merit-based, requiring you to work harder to get them. In this case, you may need to prove that you deserve them based on your academic performance, writing skills, or extracurricular resume. They may also be need-based where they can be offered based on the financial needs of the student regardless of their performance in college.

Finding out the scholarship requirements may help you increase your chances of consideration because you can convince the award team that you are a deserving student. You may need to develop scholarship essays or even look for a mentor or a friend to give you a recommendation letter to support your application.

The timing and essay writing for scholarship

It may be more appropriate for you to apply for a college or university scholarship while still in high school or immediately after completion. This may give you enough time to prepare and even explore other options if you fail in the first application.

ScholarshipsYou may choose a period when you are not busy with school work so that you take time to study the scholarship requirements. Some scholarships may require you to create a video explaining why you think you should be awarded. This can take some time and it may be difficult to do quality applications when busy with classes or homework.

Before moving on to any major step in the scholarship plan, work on the draft of the essay you plan to furnish along with your application. Essay writing has to be spot on and EduBirdie is the best resource in this regard. Your chance to get your scholarship with this writing service increases as it holds years of experience in this line of work. The online writers know what it takes to write a winning essay and you really won’t be disappointed.

Develop a plan

Develop a search plan for your scholarship and allocate some hours per week. This may guide you accordingly and prevent the possibility of procrastination. The idea is for you to know what you should be doing at a particular time and the people you need to engage to facilitate your application.

The innovative thinking in students may come in handy where you can come up with creative ways of designing a spreadsheet to summarise your work plan. You can include the scholarship name, application deadline and requirements, and the status so that you remain organised throughout the application period. This can also help you to remain focused on your application and you can ultimately meet your goals.

Find scholarships

Explore several sites that may offer the flexibility of finding scholarships faster and conveniently. You can also contact the financial aid office for inquiries in the institution you wish to attend. Confirm the legitimacy of the scholarship information and avoid being scammed.

Apart from the financial aid office, you can find scholarships from federal agencies’ sites, the state grant agency, or the library’s reference section. You can also join a program in your institution that offers scholarships to increase the chances of an award.

Scholarship websites are easily accessible, where you can find hundreds of scholarships to choose from. They offer simple sign-up and filter options and search results that ate matched to students’ profiles.

Establish a reward system

Setting up a reward system is often overlooked but it can motivate you in the application journey. Finding and applying for scholarships can be tough and can go unrewarded. Establish a way of rewarding yourself, such as treating yourself in a particular way after, say, every three applications.

Parents can also play a role by giving some monetary reward in form of cash to the college fund. These rewards may motivate you to pursue further applications and enable you to meet your goals.


Finding and applying for scholarships can be a lengthy process and therefore, it requires diligence and patience. When you identify the requirements and submit your application on time, you increase the chances of consideration. On the other hand, setting up a good plan can allow you to meet your application goals because you can remain more focused. Be sure to explore various sources of relevant information and reward yourself accordingly.

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Robert Everett is an admission counsellor helping students from non-English speaking countries to choose the best colleges in the US and UK. He helps them with mastering the English language, writing essays and papers and preparing for the interview. When he’s not working, he loves exploring street food, take fitness classes and watch live sports.