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Your life as a college student is one of the most challenging milestones that you will ever have in your life. From academic demands to financial strains, problems just keep on piling up as you go through college. You will find yourself in a position where you need to find casual work. The question is—where do you even start the job hunt? Here are some of the best tips on how and where you can find casual work while studying in Australia:

Online Job Portals

There are job portals that enumerate casual jobs that are currently available within your vicinity. Websites like Student Jobs Australia consist of job listings that are made especially for students who want to earn some extra money. These websites also consider crucial factors such as the students’ safety, working hours, and distance from their respective universities. You will get pointers, tips, and guidance on the application process such as writing an application letter and passing an interview. They also provide various blog entries that will help you find the best jobs in certain industries and how you can thrive in the workplace.

If you want to know more about these jobs in detail, visit job portals. You may also get in touch with their management, since the contact details are typically included therein. 

Social Media

Social media is a space where you can connect and see relevant posts such as job advertisements and potential openings. For example, if you have found a job post that is based in Sydney, you can connect with the employer on social media. This is an easier way of communicating with a prospect. 

However, social media isn’t a secure space to follow job leads, unless as mentioned above, the contact details were provided by the employer in a job portal. Avoid giving out private details to social media personas in the hope of landing a job. This is a risky move, since people can easily change their identity on social media. 

College Boards 

College boards are spaces where informational posts are placed for the students’ convenience. Some of the information includes direct advertisements and employee searches. You can make it a habit to regularly check your college board for work opportunities. When you find a job lead on the board that fits your credentials, it’s advisable to visit the hiring venue so that you can apply immediately. Sending a message or email may leave your CV unread and stuck in the ‘to review’ pile. 

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Outdoor Advertising 

Your college years are not complete without the usual hang-outs with your peers. This is also a great opportunity for you to look for outdoor job posts. Some stores hang job post placards on their doors, hallways, or tables. This means that you should always have your CV with you so that as soon as you see a job post that interests you, you can just pass your CV to the store or human resources manager. However, you should always look presentable to make this instant application work.


Your colleagues are also possible channels for finding work. For example, one may have been told by his or her manager that they are looking to hire and are accepting referrals. If you let your colleagues know that you are on a job hunt, you might as well ask to be referred to their employers. This is an effective way of landing a job, since employers typically prefer referrals. Moreover, they already trust their employees enough to refer someone competent for the job. 

Search Engines 

A search engine is a common option in finding multiple channels that may lead you to a job opportunity. Unfortunately, the internet is filled with scammers who know exactly what to do to lure in potential employees. They are shrewd enough to build a fake job website. You may end up getting conned or harmed. It’s better to use recommended and reputable job portals because you need to prioritise your safety and security.  


To find casual work whilst studying in Australia, you can navigate job portals that are reliable and safe. Social media is also another online space where you can connect with people in your area. Also, it is best to keep an eye out for outdoor advertisements, but make sure that you are always ready to apply in person

Your colleagues may also refer you to their respective managers if you let them know that you are job hunting. Another option is to use search engines to find job leads, but you should be cautious enough in dealing with this kind of transaction. Your safety should be the top priority and you should be vigilant enough to make sure that you are job hunting in a safe and reliable space.