Student life is a mixture of hedonism, hard work and headaches. While 2020 has well and truly thrown student life upside down, financial concerns are unfortunately a familiar constant that persists regardless.

Loans, maintenance grants and bursaries only stretch so far. While it would be nice to fall into a part time job, the rest of the student population have similar ideas, meaning the competition for even the most menial role is fierce. Even with those student discounts we all know and cherish, money can get pretty tight during these years.

Luckily, there are other ways for students to drum up some extra cash to help tide them over until the next instalment of funds. Here are four of our favourite methods below.

Make extra cash off your study notes

While taking down important information during lectures and seminars is important for revision, did you know that these notes can also make you extra cash? There are several websites which give you the functionality to upload and price up your notes. They’re then made available for other students to download.

Note that these providers will take a cut of your profits – and that it’s worth typing your notes up as a Word document and then formatting them as a PDF in order to maximise the amount you can sell them for. You can upload your handwritten pieces but be aware that these are likely to fetch a much lower price.

Competition hunting

When was the last time you entered a competition? Many people feel their chances of winning are quite low so don’t bother entering. But what if you knew how to maximise your chances of success?

There are several sites online which accumulate a number of free-to-enter competitions across the web and allow you to go through each one and enter quickly and efficiently. This gives you the opportunity to reap a whole lot of rewards with minimal effort.

People who do this are often called ‘competition hunters’ and there are lots of tips out there to help people get started.

Of course, there is no guarantee that you’ll win anything, but for the sake of spending a couple of hours a week, it’s worth a shot, right?

Sell your photos

Selling your creative snaps to stock image sites is a great way of earning some extra cash, especially if this is a hobby that you are taking part in anyway! Simply sign up, upload and, if your work is good enough, you may find that your photos start to appear across the web pretty quickly!

Dog walking

Who doesn’t love dogs? Getting paid to be around dogs is many peoples’ dream – and walking them is also a great form of exercise! There are several apps online which give you the option to sell your dog-walking services to an extended community.

However, you may not even need an app! Simply stick up a notice on your local community noticeboard, or a quick post on a local Facebook group could do the trick just as well. Simple, fun and money making – what’s not to love?