Google is one of the biggest digital corporations in the world that specialise in data encryption and practically run the internet. Today, almost every internet user interacts with one Google product or the other and Google Pay is one of them. Google Pay is a digital and online payment system. It allows users to make payments with Android phones, tablets, watches and other digital devices. It completely takes your finances and makes them high-tech by allowing you to consolidate all your accounts in one place.

Google Pay simply allows you to receive payment directly in your bank account. It allows users to move money from their wallets to a linked bank account. Google Pay store loyalty cards, credit & debit information. Google rebranded its mobile and online payment systems and combined them under the Google Pay system otherwise known as G Pay umbrella. It thus replaced the old Android Pay and Google Wallet apps and services. The Google Wallet’s peer-to-peer app is no more functional and it has been replaced as well. The new system is officially your one-stop system for purchases, passes, and payments.

The payment system is fast gaining prominence and used for payment in online stores, business payment and even in peer-to-peer payment. Many Google Pay casino sites on IrishCasinoHEX now accept deposits from subscribers using Google Pay. Unfortunately, it is a deposit only service and doesn’t support payment services especially for withdrawing winnings. However, users can still make use of the system by transferring money from the wallet to their bank account.

How does Google Pay work?

It uses a contactless payment system. This system allows you to make payment using your phone almost anywhere contactless payment is allowed. It uses the near-field communication (NFC) to transmit card information for payment. You do not need to have access to your actual credit card number. The system operates by tokenisation, which allows it to process payments through merchants account numbers which nullifies the use of credit or debit account numbers. Setting up the payment system is simple and straightforward. See the steps to achieve it below:

  1. The Google Pay app is preloaded on most android phones and devices but you may simply download it from Google Play if it is missing.
  2. Open the app and add your credit or debit card details with the cards tab.
  3. If it is your first time launching the app, tap the Get Started button then select a payment method. Enter card information or simply take a photo of the card.
  4. Unlock your device then tap to use the payment services at any contactless payment terminal.

Interesting Feature of Google Pay

  • The security Google Pay offers

Google Pay does not share your credit card number, thus, it protects payment with some added security. Instead of the system revealing your card number, the system gives merchants a unique encrypted code to secure your transaction. Besides, users don’t pay any ridiculous fees using the service and that is only fair given that you are using your own money. All that feature erases the need for a third party holding account.

  • Biometric verification

Unlike other payment systems, Google Pay only works when your phone is unlocked. You can set Google Pay to require biometric verification. It takes advantage of physical authentication such as fingerprint ID to protect the account of users.

  • Faster deposits

Deposits made through Google Pay are fast and will show up almost immediately. Also, payments made using the system reflect the account of the sender and do not bear the name Google Pay.

  • System safety

Another feature is its safety which wraps sensitive information up in multiple layers of cyber-security. All payments just as stated earlier must go through some choice of security measure which could be fingerprint scan, eyeball sensor or inputting a passcode for phones without fingerprints. The app provides multiple payment options which means the users can transact through their mobile numbers and Virtual Payment Address.

  • Google Pay gives total privacy

Users have nothing to worry about losing their personal information to third parties. The developers understand that your privacy is of critical importance because sensitive data is being put on the line. Google’s data encryption plays a significant part in maintaining your privacy which is an important issue for a lot of people that use the system.

  • No worries for losing credit or debit card

When you lose your credit or debit card, there is no need to wait for a replacement mail. The moment you place an order for a new card, the new detail will automatically update with Google Pay. This also goes for expired cards. If it is registered with Google Pay, the expiration date will sync with the payment system once renewed so you can keep making payments without missing a bit.

  • Saves information

Google Pay can be used to store your account cards, travel tickets and passes in one place too. It automatically pulls in account details from relevant emails and loads virtual member passes/account cards into Passes screen.

  • Offers cashback

Scratch cards are another feature as Google Pay provides lucrative cashback and offers on varying transactions. These cashbacks are directly credited to a link bank account.

  • Withdrawals

Unfortunately, withdrawals in casinos are not currently supported through Google Pay.