Many people view a student’s life as an easy one, with lots of daytime TV, heavy drinking, and a poor diet of pizza and fries. However, many people these days cope with not only the pressures of studying and achieving decent grades but also a side hustle in the form of some sort of business. While student finance can be a godsend for lots of people, it can also be a concern when it comes to thinking of paying it back. Therefore, studying alongside setting up and running a business could be a possibility. Here are some essential considerations for doing just that.

Time Management

Ensuring that you have enough time to both study and work on your business is essential. Burning the candles at both ends will ultimately lead to something having to give. In fact, if you do not manage your time efficiently, you may end up with neither a degree nor a business. Looking ahead can help when it comes to your college work. Schedule in your assignments, essays, reports, presentations and your dissertation. Put the deadlines in your diary as early as possible and add reminders to your phone. Dedicate at least one day a week to your studies, or you may prefer to split it into two mornings. Do not timetable more than ten hours a day. Again, you will burn out sooner or later and be inefficient in both areas.


When it comes to your studies, delegation is otherwise known as cheating. Therefore, this is not advisable. However, concerning your business, delegating tasks to others can be helpful in ensuring your time is most wisely spent. If you are struggling to find the time to digitally market your start-up, you may consider employing the services of an expert company, such as Bing Digital, who will be able to improve existing structures for you or create altogether new ones. Furthermore, you could consider whether there are other aspects of your business you can outsource or if there are any reciprocal support schemes you can join for new businesses within your locality. For example, you could write a guest blog for someone in exchange for free promotion.


While the idea of starting a business would be to make money, as the old saying goes, you need to spend money to make money. Prior to finalising the details of your business plan, it is essential to ensure you have enough investment to get it off the ground. If you are going to be bringing in just a small amount each month with no forecast for that improving during your studies, you need to consider the merits of continuing. Of course, if you are working within an area relevant to your course, this may be advantageous regardless of the financial situation. However, for many, misplaced trust and misguided time spent focused on business rather than studying can soon become a regret. Be certain that it is worth it both for you personally as well as financially.