You don’t have a lot of free time as a student. That’s why you want to make the most out of every second you spend with your partner or friends. For example, using a 15 free bingo no deposit deal sounds tempting since it allows you to have fun and win prizes in the process. Let’s take a look at some other suggestions on what you could do in your free time!

Make a Picnic in the Park

Is it a sunny day outside? If the answer is yes, you wouldn’t want to stay home. That’s why organising a picnic could make a memorable afternoon for both your friends and partner.

You don’t have to make big meals – it will be enough to grab some snacks and head to a local park. Grab a blanket and a basket, and don’t forget about the entertainment options. Those could be board games to play in nature or even books and magazines that you would read.

Play Bingo Online

In times of pandemic, it’s vital to stay safe. You might not have plenty of options for leaving home, so how about finding an exciting indoor activity? Those who tried playing bingo online with friends say that those sessions are fun and exciting.

You can pick between different variations, such as 30-ball speed bingo or the classic 90-ball. The ticket price can be as low as 1p, or you can even look for free sessions. You can be in the same bingo room with your friends or partner regardless of whether you are in the same room in real life. That gives you an option to have fun together even if each of you is at home.

Organise a Game Night

Can you think of a person that doesn’t love playing games? The only thing to consider is to find those games that fit the audience. For example, you can enjoy a console game night with your partner by playing a co-op title like Overcooked.

Alternatively, if your friends are coming over, how about organising a poker night? You can also play Pictionary, charades, bingo, and other games. Don’t hesitate to mix and match to organise a fun and memorable evening!

Who’s Up for a Movie Marathon?

Can you imagine a better way of spending the evening than cuddling up with your partner and watching romantic movies together? You can make a movie marathon or pick a TV show and binge an entire season for a single day.

The same approach is suitable when hanging out with friends. You’d only need to pick different movies, so focus on comedy or even horrors. And don’t forget to get popcorn and snacks for the party!

Make a Homemade Meal or Head to a Restaurant

If there are sufficient funds in the budget, you can consider dining out with your partner or friends. However, there is a fantastic alternative if money is tight.

How about making a homemade meal? If you do it with your partner, it will be an excellent opportunity to bond. And those who are eating home with their friends don’t have to pick complicated recipes. It will be enough to make pancakes and have fun eating them together and chatting.