With Covid testing underway for the Student Exodus for the Christmas holidays, international students looking to fly home are facing an even more challenging feat.  Particularly with international students travelling to Asia, the different Covid testing and quarantine rules in individual countries can be very confusing and complicated.

Covid Testing | Student ExodusRoyal Russell School an independent school in Croydon, South London is helping students by bringing in Public Health Advisor and Harley Street medical Expert, Dr Charlie Easmon to support international students looking to fly home, particularly in China. Between 2018-19, there were over 485,000 international students in the UK, with 35% percent of higher education students coming from China.

Dr Easmon states: “Royal Russel has approximately 200 students from Asia, with 50% looking to fly home for the holidays. This can be an extremely stressful time for students who are confused and wondering if they will have a chance to be home with loved ones this Christmas. We want to make the process as stress-free as possible and provide the School with the medical counsel, resources and facilitates to make it as normal a Christmas as possible this year.”

Student wellbeing is at the forefront of every schools minds and why schools are leveraging doctors’ advice and expertise in unprecedented times. This month for example, the Chinese Government requires multiple tests (COVID-19 and antigen) from the same service provider. that, for entry into China from the UK, reports of both nucleic acid (COVID-19) and IgM (antibody) tests must come from the same service provider so it can be a challenge without partnering with a public health medical expert.”