Netflix: The Vanished Movie Review
SuspensefulGreat TwistEnjoyable ThrillerKeeps you GuessingNice Amount of Action
Unknown Actors Slightly Slow at Times
70%Suspense Thriller with a Twist!
Reader Rating 5 Votes

The Vanished – If you’re looking for a psychological thriller, look no further. Full of suspense, shock and storyline twists that’ll have you guessing the plot all the way through, this missing person crime mystery movie is Netflix no.7 in the UK today, and for good reason!

Certainly not lacking in originality The Vanished is a story about a family holiday that goes wrong, very wrong, with the parents looking for their missing daughter – is she in the woods? In the lake? Has she been abducted or worse, murdered? Not convinced enough is being done by the police in the search to find their daughter the parents launch their own investigation that’ll have you on the edge of your seat, as they try to uncover the truth and get their child back, safe.

Hope starts running out as the days drift past without a trace, worsened by the fact they are deep and far in the woods away from civilisation, with only a few locals and holidaymakers around. Local secrets will soon be unraveled, but will that bring the family back together? You’ll have to watch it to find out… and… in case you can’t watch the movie in your country, you might want to use a VPN. If you don’t know which one to choose, check out the best VPN for Netflix.

Despite having mixed reviews online with a cast not so well known, I give this a thumbs up and feel it’s a really good movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought the writers and producers managed to deliver a fairly typical script in a really unique way.

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