With obesity and other lifestyle illnesses like blood pressure, diabetes, and heart diseases growing to be a cause of concern, it’s time children and young adults get back to leading a healthy lifestyle. Students, are filled with natural energy that should be exhausted daily for healthy growth. However, today most young people are gifted with a gadget of some kind to keep themselves occupied.

Back when kids didn’t own gadgets, children used to play cricket in small alleys, basketball aiming at the wall, and football in a square ground. But kids today literally have no idea what sports to play and seem to be more connected with their gadgets. To structure their time and maximise their growth efficiently, it is time for kids and young adults to engage more in physical activities to prevent them from being a victim of the lifestyle diseases.

Sports activities tend to be an excellent option for kids of all ages. It helps them develop their pervasive skills and keep them healthy.  Here is a list of the top five sports activities that are all-time favourites of students


One of the most popular sports, football (soccer) is considered the best activity for kids to stay fit and entertained at the same time. Experts suggest that football can be taught to kids as early as four years, and for this reason, it is quickly rising in popularity all over, with several students training to be future champions. Star football players from across the world have also created a buzz around this sport with their achievements. If you love sports, read all the latest sports news on SBR.

How Will It Benefit The Student?

Football facilitates teamwork, fairness, discipline, and a wide array of physical benefits. It promotes muscle coordination, flexibility, strength, weight control, and cardiovascular endurance. Additionally, juggling the ball also enhances foot dexterity, gaining balance, and cardiovascular sustainability.


All you need is a ball and a hoop to play this sport. A great game, basketball, keeps kids physically active and helps shy kids engage more as they play together as a team.

How Will It Benefit The Student?

Basketball teaches kids to control their bodies through offence and defence. Making quick passes throughout the game improves thinking and reflexes. Furthermore, dribbling the ball encourages eye-foot coordination. Lastly, running around with the ball increases muscle strength and helps develop agility.


Top players like Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have put tennis on the international sports map, which has led to this fun sport gaining a lot of popularity among children. Students have taken a liking to the sports because it involves competitive spirit.

How Will It Benefit The Student?

Tennis demands the player to be nimble-footed and a quick thinker. It pushes the students to strategise their moves, develop arm strength, learn proper techniques and accuracy. It also helps you build muscle strength and enhance cardiovascular fitness.


Swimming is an excellent sport for children, especially those students who wish to tackle the fear of heights and water. It is also a sport that once learned, will never be forgotten. Swimming helps develop your child’s ability singularly without competing with anyone.

How Will It Benefit The Student?

The primary benefit of swimming is improved lung power as it demands you to have breathing control when in water. Additionally, it improves muscle strength as you keep on practicing different strokes.


A sports activity that has gained immense popularity, running is an excellent activity for kids. Numerous marathons are being organised around the world by several organisations these days. With practically no cost involved, this sport is one of the best forms of physical activity students can get.

How Will It Benefit The Student?

Running has many benefits to offer, ranging from focus to concentration, endurance, improved muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness. Regular practice sessions also help build immunity and develop lung power in students, thereby reducing the risk of flu and the common cold.

Final Thoughts

As a student, you don’t have to excel in sports. Just by playing or indulging in a sports activity, you can grow up to be a fine individual with a pleasant personality. There is enough evidence to prove that getting involved in any activity that involves physical effort is beneficial for students’ development. Kids who play a sport also tend to have high levels of confidence.  By encouraging sporting activities and events in your kid’s lifestyle, you will be raising a healthy child with an active mind.