Day Trading is one of the most common types of trading in the UK and beyond. It is the act of selling financial assets over 24 hours. Each day, the trading comes to an end before starting again the following day. Due to the very limited period, you can expect that only minor market activities will be made, however, you have the freedom to buy and sell multiple assets in a single day. The cycle will recur continuously, with the intention of making a profit, however, this cannot always be achieved as it is solely dependent on the market conditions at any given time.

If this type of job role is something you may be interested in pursuing, you may wish to look into trading methods that are suitable for you. Each of the degrees below should get you the head start you need to get into the industry. It’s all about thinking carefully as to what degree would most internet you and of course, what you believe you’ll succeed in.

Finance/Business Administration

Recruiters are keen to hire those with a finance or business degree as it demonstrates an understanding of the financial markets and how to make a profit by making smart decisions. Graduates with a finance degree, in particular, will understand the core basics of bank statements and of course, commercial finance. Most universities only accept students onto a degree of this nature with the highest A-Level grades, therefore, proves to employers that you are academically gifted and suited to this type of profession.


Economics is a degree that not many students consider studying but could be the anchor you require to transition into day trading. While studying, are likely to endure relevant modules including economic statistics, interest rates, and currencies to name just a few. As we all know, historic events have been known to repeat in the modern-day, therefore economic students will learn more in-depth on how pandemics can affect the global market, recessions and key policy rulings. As well as this, you’ll also gain a clearer understanding of how major news events could affect worldwide finances and of course, the trading market.

Computer Science

You may be surprised to learn that Computer Science has become an extremely valuable route into the day trading industry. This is due to the fact that as technology continues to develop, trading is set to become more computerised in the years to come which calls for technology gurus to get into the industry. It’s essential to understand how the stream of information is managed electronically, rather than manually. Nowadays, trading software makes decisions on behalf of the investor by entering information into the system so further actions can be carried out automatically.


As you may be aware, trading is heavily mathematics-based, therefore a degree in any mathematical-related field will stand you in good stead when it comes to securing a job in day trading. Calculations are required to be undertaken to carry out the most beneficial investments and secure the highest profits.

Traders come from an array of educational fields and one approach does not fit all, therefore, we hope this guide has given you some insight into the routes to get onto this career path.