Printing and Binding a Dissertation: What You Must Know

Many months have passed, but at last your paper is finished. It’s been a long process to say the least, and now it’s finally time to submit your work. High-quality dissertation printing and binding are necessities and there’s a few main points to consider: How do I go about dissertation printing and binding? Plus, where can I find high-quality dissertation printing and binding?

Here, you will find a detailed list of what you need to keep in mind when printing and binding an essay, thesis or any other piece of academic work.

Where Do I Start with Dissertation Printing and Binding?

It’s likely that this is your first piece of academic work that requires printing and binding. You would have written many research papers during your university days, but at most universities, they are usually submitted digitally. Selecting the ideal dissertation printing and binding configurations is a tricky task, so this article will provide you with everything you need to know about printing and binding a thesis or any other type of academic work.

What Factors Need to be Considered When Printing a Dissertation?

There are a few decisions that need to be made before you begin the process of dissertation printing and binding. These include:

  • Colour printing vs black and white printing
  • The type of paper
  • Which company you should print with to ensure a reasonable price

Here’s a few guidelines so that you won’t need to spend all day pondering over these dissertation printing and binding decisions.

Colour printing: Your options are black/white printing and colour printing. Colour is the more expensive option. Coloured dissertation printing will definitely tone up the professionalism, however, using too much colour will have the opposite effect.

Paper: Most copy shops use 80g/m2 paper by default. However, it’s quite thin and tears easily. You’ve spent so long working on your paper, so everything should be perfect. Even a “minor detail” like the type of paper may affect your final grade. 100g/m2 paper will improve the overall appearance of your research paper, so it’s worth considering. Some print shops also use 100g/m2 paper by default.

Price: At the end, the price of your dissertation printing and binding will be influenced by factors such as the use of colour printing, the type of paper used and the length of your paper. Make a list of providers and compare their offers. For example, if you’re wanting to use 100g/m2 paper, choose a provider that uses it by default so there’s no extra charges for your dissertation printing and binding.

Dissertation Binding Issues to Watch Out For

So, now you know how to go about dissertation printing and binding, but how do you choose the best type of binding? Well, this depends on the type of thesis. A paper that took months of research and writing, such as a research paper, deserves a better binding than a normal term paper that only took a few weeks.

It also comes down to the importance of your work. A term paper only counts for a small percentage of your final mark, whereas a thesis (bachelors or masters) or a research paper will hold much more weight.

Remember, it’s not every day that you need dissertation printing and binding. It’s a huge milestone, so you should find the perfect binding that will make your dissertation stand out. Simple spiral binding for example, may not be the best choice for an important thesis. However, classy leather book binding is sturdy and will reflect your hard work.

In the end, which dissertation printing and binding method you should choose, depends heavily upon the type of paper that you’re submitting.

Tip: Most universities and higher education institutions have specific requirements for the type of binding that is required. Check with your institution regarding the guidelines you need to follow for dissertation printing and binding.

What Are the Different Types of Bindings?

There are several dissertation binding options for you to consider. Don’t worry, we’ll explain each one to you so you can make an informed choice when it comes to your dissertation printing and binding.

Classy Leather Book Binding for Dissertation Printing and Binding

For highly weighted, important papers, we recommend the classy leather book binding. Leather book binding ensures a solid, professional looking paper. With BachelorPrint, you have a large list of customisation possibilities such as bookmarks, custom embossing and corner protectors. Leather book binding is a classy option for dissertation printing and binding.

Recommendations: Any sort of final paper is suitable for leather book binding. A research paper, Bachelor thesis, dissertation and master’s thesis are all suitable papers for leather book binding.

The Classic Thermal Binding for Dissertation Printing and Binding

Thermal binding should win awards for its versatility. The front cover is transparent, meaning that your title page will be on display. For the back cover, the texture is almost leather-like and you’re able to choose between several different colours. Thermal binding is a reliable, classic method for dissertation printing and binding.

Recommendation: Thermal binding is great for research papers with a smaller page count. It’s also an inexpensive option for when you need various printed copies of a paper.

The Perfectly Designed Softcover for Dissertation Printing and Binding

The flexible softcover is a great option if you want your final paper to stand out. You’re able to design the cover exactly how you’ve always envisioned it. With a wide range of pictures, fonts and logos, you are able to go wild with your designs. However, it’s important that the cover isn’t too cluttered. Remember, your research paper is still a professional piece of work, so the dissertation binding needs to reflect this.

Recommendation: The softcover binding is suitable for all papers. However, you can only bind a smaller number of pages with the softcover, so it may not be suitable for a comprehensive thesis or extensive research paper.

The Cost-effective Spiral Binding for Dissertation Printing and Binding

Spiral binding manages to be simplistic whilst maintaining its class. With the transparent front cover and leather-like back page, it shares a few similarities with thermal binding. With spiral binding, the pages aren’t glued together. Instead, they’re held together with either metal or plastic spirals. The type of spiral used, as well as the colour of the back page will be your decision if you decide on spiral binding for your dissertation printing and binding.

Recommendation: Spiral binding is a great choice for smaller papers such as term papers. It is however, not recommended for papers that hold a lot of weight such as research papers or dissertations.

An Overview of the Binding Methods

We’ve composed all the information above into one section so that your dissertation printing and binding decisions can be made a little easier.

Leather book binding: This binding will leave a great first impression on your examiner because it’s a classy and professional binding. It’s recommended for all major papers such as research papers, essays, dissertations, bachelor’s and master’s theses. It’s typically a binding that is not advised for smaller pieces of work like term papers.

Thermal binding: Like we mentioned, thermal binding deserves an award for its versatility. It’s suitable for essays, theses, term papers, research papers and dissertations. The transparent front cover means that your thesis or essay title page will be on display. Plus, you’re able to choose between several different colours for the leather-like back cover.

Softcover: The flexible softcover is a great option for creative study programs, because you’re able to design the cover however you like. However, the softcover can only be bound with a limited number of pages. Therefore, it is not suitable for larger final papers such as PhD theses or lengthy dissertations.

Spiral binding: Spiral binding is ideal when printing and binding smaller projects. It can be used for various papers like term papers and small research projects. However, spiral binding may not be a good option for larger, more important papers such as a bachelor’s thesis or PhD thesis.

Where Can I Find Dissertation Printing and Binding Services?

So, now you know how to go about the dissertation printing and binding process. The next question to be answered is: Where can you find a high-quality printing service? One possibility is an online printing service, because this way, you’re able to order from home and have your thesis shipped to your door. Once you’ve decided to use an online service, it’s still important to research each provider to ensure that they offer high-quality dissertation printing and binding. During our research, we found one online printing service that stood out from the others.

BachelorPrint is the top choice when it comes to dissertation printing and binding providers. This market-leading online printing service has several high-quality bindings on offer. Free express shipping is also included, so that you will have your paper in your hands shortly after the dissertation printing and binding process.

Here are some of the benefits offered:

  • Free express shipping with all orders
  • 3D preview on their website where you can view the inside and outside of your thesis
  • High-quality dissertation printing and binding at a reasonable price

Ensuring an Easy Dissertation Printing and Binding Experience

Ensuring that you submit your best work will take a lot of time and effort. However, we guarantee that by following the tips shared above for dissertation printing and binding, you’ll have it in your hands in no time.

Of course, you are the one who decides where your paper or essay will be printed. In the end, you can decide between a copy shop in your city, or an online print shop. If you’re looking to simplify the dissertation printing and binding process, BachelorPrint is the way to go. The user-friendly online shop allows you to put your final paper together and see via a 3D preview exactly how it will look before it’s even printed. These are just a few of the reasons why we recommend their services.

We wish you all the best as you complete your dissertation!