Writing is a process, not a skill that you can get and forget about its improvement. Thus, when you need to deal with writing daily (as a student, a professional blogger, marketer, or marketer), your writing proficiency should be an ongoing process. Today’s students can buy college research paper of any complexity, but the writing process has not lost its relevance: from daily messages in messengers to official and government papers – we are surrounded by text information everywhere. For this reason, you may even think to appeal to writers from a paper revision service. For your benefit, within this article we share a couple of tools that can aid in this process. It’s for freeing your creative spirit and simplifying some aspects. 


The all-in-one tool, Grammarly, is widely famous among writers of all kinds. Here, you can indicate what type of writing you are doing (academic, fiction, blog, etc.). The checker will adapt its suggestions to it. The software works on your smartphone, on a desktop as an MS Word add-on, or a Google Chrome plugin. Thus, you can have your mail, texts, and any sentences you type-checked with Grammarly for style, grammar, word choice, and punctuation. 


Do you lack time for coherent, persuasive, and correct writing? No problem, as the experts of writemyessayfor.me can do the job for you in record time. From now on, you may have a secret writing companion. It will give you a helping hand in the hard times of pressing academic deadlines. No more need to stress about writing as a professional will do it for you. 


Working with Hemingway Editor is a pure delight as this app gives valuable, insightful suggestions for all kinds of writing problems. For example, the app will highlight phrases that look unnecessarily long and complicated. It will also show where passive voice constructions can be avoided and what parts of the text may be simplified. Hemingway is also equipped with a robust spell checker allowing you to bring the content to perfection. And what’s more, the tool is free of charge. 


Are you finding it hard not to repeat the same words all over again? Thesaurus can become your trusted assistant in vocabulary diversification. The website contains myriads of synonyms and contextual variants for you to use in different contexts. Your texts will never be the same with Thesaurus, shining with dozens of new shades of meanings. 

Cliché Finder 

There’s nothing worse in texts than dull, overused cliches. When writing your text, you may not notice these interest killers’ use, but the Cliché Finder app targets these phrases concisely. Once you copy and paste your text into its box, the app will highlight the cliches. It gives recommendations on their substitutes. This check will make your text livelier and much more reader-friendly. 

Writing Services

Are you stuck with the proofreading part of the assignment completion process? Editing the ready work is indeed the most demanding part. As it requires you to read the paper, again and again, spotting the tiniest problems and errors in it. Why waste the precious hours of your life on such dull work if you can get down to performing other tasks? Entrust the proofreading step to editors of best assignment writing service, and they will quickly polish your text to perfection by weeding out syntax and grammar mistakes, coherence and cohesion weaknesses, etc. The paper will have a much better flow and unrivalled mechanics, ensuring the highest grade for you. 


Are you an aspiring writer with a far-reaching plan to become famous one day? The best you can do at present is gaining some community support and feedback from fellow writers. This can be done at Wattpad – a vast and vibrant community of authors writing fiction and commercial content, sharing their ideas on this platform. By becoming one of Wattpad’s members, you can get inspired by others’ writing products, read interesting case studies about writing projects, and even network with fellow-thinkers. 


Do you suffer from distractions during the writing process? Information overload is a common problem among students and adult writers alike. So, if you are short of time but need to craft an essay or article as soon as possible, ZenPen can be a valuable assistant. This app provides writers with a minimalist writing zone free from any distractions. The tool offers only a minimum set of text styling tools so that you could finalise the content before publication or submission. 

Write Essay For Me Com

Many students come across barriers and confusion in the process of completing home assignments. Such issues may become serious stumbling blocks on the way to completing the homework and getting a high grade. So, why risk your academic performance if you can ask a seasoned professional for help? Academic experts at Write an essay for me can provide academic advice. It helps with research assistance and editing support you may need at different stages of academic writing projects. Turn to them to get qualified assistance and competent answers to all academic questions. 

Cite It In 

Referencing your evidence is another vital aspect of credible writing. Any failure to do so is flagged as plagiarism, which is destructive for your academic destiny and reputation. Students caught plagiarising others’ works may even be expelled from their educational institutions. The risk is too high, isn’t it? So why take such risks if you can use Cite It In to format all sources you used in the process of paper writing? Use this app to ensure that all references are present both in the text and at the end, in the References section. The final plagiarism check will also help to avoid the slightest possibility of the paper’s non-authenticity. 

Daily Page 

The best way to become a better writer is to write. No matter how trivial or primitive this statement sounds, it works perfectly well. Daily Page’s creators developed their app to help people develop a regular writing habit. Thus, you receive one writing prompt from the app every day, urging you to try new writing techniques and write at least one page every day. 

Does Better Writing Matter? 

As you can see, technology is at your service when it comes to writing quality. Thus, you can use various tools to speed up writing, choose better words to express your ideas, and spot any errors or typos surfacing in the process. Try these tools to see which one suits you the best – there’s always something super-useful in-store from app creators.