Top 7 Public Health Careers to Pursue in 2021.

People have rekindled their interest in social work collaboration with public health since the pandemic’s emergence. Since the last century, these two disciplines have been working as liaisons to prevent STDs and spread awareness against them. Now, most of the social workers in the United States serve in healthcare settings. And their colleagues sometimes practice public health but without awareness or recognition. These social workers have led to significant developments against HIV/AIDS, thereby making them realise their potential for the healthcare industry. Let’s see how social work degrees allow you to acquire public health positions in the year 2021.


Both degrees have their respective advantages, and a student should make an informed decision based on his/her career goals. If you’re contemplating a future in research and leadership, the doctorate of social work is the right course for you. But it’s easier to finish a master of social work course – in one year if you’re exceptionally qualified. On the other hand, DSW courses should take three years to complete. If you’re thinking about a Ph.D., it takes an average student 8+ years to attain.

If you’re seeking teaching positions and wish to become a licensed social worker, DSW should be your preference. But what to do when you’re unable to find some time from your busy schedule to study? You can try online postgraduate programs to attain an advanced understanding of related areas. Then you can find employment opportunities in research and policy analysis. You’ll develop a comprehension of clinical social work. So, here are some possible careers for DSW graduates in healthcare.



Social workers can become researchers to analyse the health challenges faced by a community. These research programs involve interviewing respondents, conducting field studies, and analysing the data collected. This data gives a precise analysis of the crossroads between public health and social needs. Students can enrol in DSW programs online to gain academic training to become researchers. These courses provide the skills needed to investigate social health issues of society.


Government jobs offer lucrative opportunities to people looking for a stable position with steady pay. Public service is your chance to bring the necessary changes to your state’s healthcare system. A little experience of working with the government can enhance the likelihood of you becoming a government employee. Do you know that millions of American households can’t afford even necessary healthcare facilities? It’s time for you to bring some change with your expertise and knowledge.


These professionals find employment opportunities in health centres such as hospitals and nursing facilities. They provide psychosocial assistance to patients and their families. Their responsibilities include maintaining balance in a person’s life and enabling him/her to restore strength. Medical social workers empower the patient’s abilities to become a useful member of society again. They can act as therapists, case managers, or patient navigators, as demanded by the family.


Academic institutions employ candidates with a Ph.D. degree for learning positions. But you can still get a decent teaching responsibility in reputable organisations with a doctorate in social work. Though this field won’t be research-oriented and you’ll find yourself involved in academic pursuits. But it’ll be an excellent opportunity to educate the younger generation and share your professional knowledge with them. Becoming part of the visiting faculty will allow me free time for other jobs.


Counsellors can work with mental health patients to help them manage their fear and control their emotions. Mental disorders aren’t uncommon in America. Research shows that some 20% of U.S. adults struggle with some psychological illness. Social workers with other credentials in psychology can work with patients in multiple settings. As coronavirus has negatively affected the nation’s emotional stability, this field will expand in the future with more positions available.


Non-profit health-promoting organisations need influential team leaders and managers. Your responsibilities will include running fundraising operations and convincing potential donors to participate in humanitarian activities. For instance, you can manage a homeless shelter or provide medical facilities to people who’re unable to afford them. Your position as the team leader will require you to interact with people, so your communication skills must be immaculate.


Finally, let’s talk about a career opportunity where you don’t interact much with the public. You can become a health advocate and promote better policies to upgrade the country’s healthcare system. This position gets linked to research work and data analysis. Get a deep understanding of problems that render some folks socially incapable of ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Only then can you find methods to make the public access to better medical services more convenient.


There’s no orthodox methodology that combines social work with public health. But these two denominations share the same mission albeit different perspectives. That’s why some individuals prefer to acquire Master’s degrees in both these subjects. They focus their attention on healing those who have suffered an injury from a disaster. They counsel individuals who require long-term care and attention. You can also acquire an online DSW degree and contribute to public health’s betterment with your social expertise.

Opting for a satisfying profession is the best and courageous move of anyone’s life. Signing up for any of the jobs mentioned above will benefit you in all possible ways.