Online shopping tips – if there’s ever been a time in your life where you really need to cut down on your spending and save money, it’s now, right? Well, we’ve got you – read our five short and easy shopping tips to help save those all-important Great British Pounds…

Promo Codes – Online Shopping Tips

The most obvious tip, but you’ll be surprised at how many people don’t do this! Sometimes it can be a pain especially when Google throws at you lots of sites, links and promo codes that don’t work! It can get frustrating when discount codes have expired. The most annoying one is where you redeem the “promo code” and it says something like “head to the website, the code is automatically applied”, meaning it’s basically sale items and you’ve just wasted an entire 4 minutes of your life clicking annoying links, when you could have been doing something important, like gaming. But you might be just one click away from free delivery or 10%/20%/30% off your next purchase, so persevere for a few more moments and don’t get too impatient – you might save yourself £20, that’s Netflix for a couple of months, a fair few beers/couple of bottles of (nice) wine, and possibly a Dominos – maybe not.

Sign up to their Newsletters – Online Shopping Tips

When you’re in a hurry and on the hunt for your next pair of limited edition, exclusively designed trainers, you might be too excited by the fact they have your size rather than focused on saving 10%. Just take your time and check if you can save extra money by signing up to their newsletter. But wait, they only have 25 pairs left if your size what if 25 people all come along at once and buy the exact same trainers – arghhhhh. Must. Be. Quick.

Use Price Comparison / Price Matching Sites – Online Shopping Tips

So, your car insurance renew letter just came through, you can’t be bothered to shop around and would rather play “would you rather”, because that’s hilarious. Like would you rather have a hand twice the size of your head or a head half the size of your hand…. Or, wait… would you rather never be able to eat desserts again or never be able to… Ok, STOP! Google “compare car insurance” and run through one of those short surveys about your vehicle, how many miles you drive and where you park the vehicle at night (in the garage of course, if you have one). Then, let them come to you and save, save, save. Oh, and a free gift – feel the power yet? This also works for many other services including energy bills, internet and even typical products. Google is your best friend.

Online Shopping TipsAdd to Basket then leave – Online Shopping Tips

This one is cheeky but it sometimes works and when it does you feel AMAZING – don’t hold us to it though! Some websites use cookies, track purchase behaviours and are clever enough to understand if you add something to your basket but don’t actually purchase it – spooky. So, if you have something that you are saving up for at the end of the month, why not add it to your basket a week before, don’t buy it then look out for that “are you still interested – 5% discount” email. Then if it doesn’t work you haven’t lost a thing. Be careful, though, they’re watching youuuuuu.

Plan Ahead – Online Shopping Tips

Being organised is always a good thing. If you can get into the situation where you know the shopping-friendly days coming-up-ahead, before you decide that you want a new TV, you’re doing well! But in all seriousness if you are able to juggle your shopping-spree and plan ahead to buy on certain days you could save big. Just go on your mobile calendar and check, during 2021 there’s like 8 Bank Holidays in England alone (and that doesn’t count the Northern Ireland/Scotland only Bank Holidays) – there’s always Bank Holiday bargains to be had. Then think of all the shopping friendly days such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, January Sales, Easter Sales. Just don’t plan too far ahead or you’ll be forever skint!