Working out involves putting in some effort – elevating your heart rate, working your muscles and raising your body temperature. All great for physical and mental health. But what do you do if you’re holding back because you’re worried about embarrassing sweat patches? Well, you find ways to train without fearing the sweat… and here’s how.

Avoid Sweat Patches – Invest in Gym Clothing

Number one, it’s all about what you wear. You might think your designer hoodie and joggers are the way to go, but that’s certainly style over substance. Ultimately, you’re either going to do very little to avoid sweating or have to take things off and expose the inevitable patches underneath. So, it’s time to invest in some quality gym wear.

When you wear specialist training gear (which doesn’t always have to cost the earth) you’ll not only be able to improve your performance, you’ll be able to stay cooler too. And the special sweat wicking material will help prevent pooling and patches from appearing.

As students, we’re used to keeping costs down and saving money, and there are a lot of sportswear retailers offering good student discounts. So, whatever your budget, tastes and requirements, there’s plenty of choice.

Wear Dark Colours

If you’re doing it right, working out is going to cause you to sweat. That’s fairly inevitable. Some activities more than others, but If you’re exerting yourself you will perspire. Wearing proper gym clothing will help decrease the amount of sweat held onto by your clothes, and dark clothing will help disguise any sweat that does work its way through. So, if you are concerned, darker shades of gym wear may well be best for you.

Sweat PatchesLet the Air Flow

Another great way of reducing sweat levels is to let the air get to your body. If you’re comfortable showing a bit of skin, vests and shorts will help cool your body – much more so than the designer hoodie and joggers we talked about earlier.

If you know you’re heading into a sweaty session, go for light and loose fitting tops to help the air flow. Set your armpits free and let your deodorant do its work without worry. Here’s more information about that.

Stay Hydrated

It’s easy to overlook this one, especially when you’re really into your training. But, if you don’t take on enough fluid before and during exercise, your body will get hotter. And sweatier. So, make sure you fill up your bottle and keep drinking throughout your workout. It’s undoubtedly one of the best ways of reducing body heat, keeping you cooler and avoiding pesky sweat patches.

Don’t Sweat it Too Much

Finally, try not to worry about it too much. Have a look around you when you’re working out. Everyone’s sweating. Wear it like a badge of honour for how hard you’re training. And as you also don’t want to be stinking while training, a quality deodorant will solve that problem – so don’t stress it.

There you have it – your complete guide to working out without fearing sweat patches.