Mike Williams broke through into the EDM scene in 2017 with his first major release ‘Feel Good’. Renowned for his ambition and dedication, he’s worked with some of the top names in the dance music scene including Tiësto, Hardwell and R3hab. Already achieving a Golden Record, playing main-stage sets at Tomorrowland and Ultra Miami with a positive attitude, drive and a huge social media following we can’t see any reason why he won’t follow in the same footsteps. We caught up with Mike Williams to talk about his career, new music, touring and his side hustle and passion for cooking

Interview by Ben Farrin

Hello Mike, thanks for your time today! How is life for you right now?
Hey! Always a pleasure. Life is good! I’m actually on a plane typing this. I just did two shows in Nepal, which were amazing and now on our way back to Amsterdam. Crazy times, but thankful to do some shows now and then.

Your new track “I Hope You Know” is banging and brings some much needed positivity to the world! Someone commented on the video by saying “Best EDM songs of 2021 so far ?? 🔥🔥🔥” That must make you feel pretty amazing?…
Thank you! It felt really good to finally release this one. Jonas and I have been working on it, and even playing it in our sets for a long time already. We got a different singer on the track and finally we got a go to release it! So happy that people like the track and who knows we might do another collab again.

Although I’m not happy to admit it, my wife makes me watch Love Actually every year (and I enjoy it). Your music video kind of reminded me of that film a little bit. What’s your favourite movie? 
Haha! Never really thought about it! My all-time favourite movie is The Wolf of Wallstreet. Leonardo DiCaprio is such an amazing actor and the whole story is both fun but also crazy at the same time. Definitely watched it too many times.

The video also features some world famous landmarks, where’s the best place you’ve visited and why?
I love so many places!! Super happy to be blessed to travel the world so much. I love Japan for example. Tokyo is amazing but also Kyoto is beautiful.

What places are on your bucket list to visit, which you haven’t yet been to?
I’ve never been to Australia! Can you believe it?? Would love to go there soon because a lot of friends of mine live there. Maybe for some festival shows, who knows 🙂

I’m not sure what it’s like in your part of the world, but right now, here in UK we’re in lockdown. How have you been keeping focused during the pandemic?
It’s the same here in The Netherlands. I’ve been writing a lot of music, so there’s this big pile of tracks I desperately wanna release. Also I spent a lot of time processing what happened the last couple of years and the goals I have for the upcoming year.

With so much uncertainty in the world, especially for musicians, how are you planning your career and what changes, if any, have you made?
It made me realise even more how beautiful life is, the things we are able to do. I wanna try to enjoy everything to the fullest. Especially when we go back to fully touring the world. Also, I’m going back to my older sound, more clubby tracks and music that I really love to make. And I started a cooking series ‘Mike Grilliams’ on my YouTube which I wanna build more!

I noticed you have some cool merch! Loving the Mike Williams snap-back cap! Do you mind me asking, how important is it for artists to sell merch as part of generating a revenue stream for artists? I’m sure a lot of our music producing readers are wondering the best and most successful ways to turn their passion, into a business – can you give any advice on this?
Thanks! Merch is just something I love to have besides music. It’s not my top priority, it doesn’t make you rich, but it’s good to make your brand stronger and most importantly it’s fun to design them. My clothing brand MILLIAMS (where we also sell the merch) together with my sister is getting bigger and bigger and it’s a really fun side-project.

Massive congratulations for your golden record! First of many, I’m sure. What’s your biggest achievement so far?
Yesss! I was so happy when I got the news! For me playing both Tomorrowland and Ultra Miami on the main-stage felt like a dream come true. As a young kid I thought about it so many times!

Who inspires you musically?
A lot of people. But if I have to name a few… Tiësto, Avicii, Martin Garrix, Don Diablo but also Coldplay and probably a lot more.

What are your goals as an artist?
I wanna do this as long as possible. Traveling the world, sharing music, making music and learn from people!

To find out more about Mike Williams check out his website: https://www.mikewilliams.nl