It seems like each year, some inventions make our lives easier. This is awesome for students, giving you ways to keep up with and organise information to make your study sessions more effective. The average student doesn’t have it easy, continually struggling between the forces of good and evil that are pushing them to decide between studying, sleeping, or going out for drinks. While technology can’t make these decisions for you (not yet anyway!), it can help you improve your quality of life, allowing you to enjoy your time as a student to the fullest. If you’re looking for a way to rock your semester’s socks off, or have coffee the smarter way with a smart coffee maker, try these 10 technologies recommended by Academicsaviour staff on for size.

1. Laptop: Your New BFF

Your laptop will become your right-hand man, by your side through each lecture, every assignment, and each exam. Laptops are portable, going anywhere you need them to. Whether you’re looking for a coffee shop to study or taking a break with a quick Netflix session, you’ll need a laptop, using it to help you keep organised while having the freedom to move around.

2. Keep Your Charge

Going portable is great but requires a bit of charging here and there. It seems like just when we need it the most, our technologies die, always on the days when we left our chargers at home. While it is not super feasible to take all of your chargers with you at all times (phone, laptop, earphones, etc.), you can make well with a universal charger that is lightweight and lightning-fast. We are in the 21st century, so it is about time we start acting this way!

3. Don’t Ghost your Health

Fitness trackers are great for many reasons, keeping up with your daily data and helping you get a better look at your habits. Fitness trackers can help you better manage your health by tracking your activity and sleep. Using this information, you can make small changes to your daily routine, attempting to live healthier each day. As a student, don’t neglect your health, as you need to be sharp and ready for whatever the day throws at you.

4. Smart Coffee Maker

Coffee is like a major food group for students, as experts of Lunwenzhushou observed. Investing in a smart coffee maker will help save a ton of money in the long run, taking away the need to pay for 3 or 4 lattes every day. Plus, a smart coffee maker is created with technology that allows you to schedule a brew from your smartphone, making sure that it’s ready for you as soon as you walk in the door. Get studying and notice the difference almost immediately. Who’s going to be investing in a smart coffee maker next term?

5. Cut the Noise

Noise is not your best friend when you’re trying to study or sleep. That is why a super investment is noise-canceling headphones. Sometimes, you need a power nap in the middle of the cafeteria or a study session in a coffee shop. These headphones cut out all of the excess noise, bringing you peace no matter where you are.

6. Amp up Your Study Sessions

If you’ve been looking at your small screen all day, your eyes could get worn out. Once your eyes feel heavy, it becomes difficult to study effectively. Instead of only using your laptop screen, use the help of a smart projector, giving your eyes a much-needed visual change. This can double for free time, too, making your Netflix sessions much more enjoyable.

7. Get your Type Right

Experts of Liuxuesavior confirm that sitting and typing for hours on end can be a drag. Not only can it become uncomfortable, but it can also get boring after a while. That’s where a Bluetooth keyboard can help, allowing you to type from wherever you want. You might not want to get too crazy with your positions, making sure to keep your posture in mind. You don’t want to start having back problems in your 20s.

8. Keep up with your Stuff

Ever misplaced your keys and spend hours on end looking for them in a fret? With a Bluetooth tracker, you can keep up with all of your stuff easily. You’ll be able to find anything with just the push of a button. The Bluetooth tracker connects to an app that will show you the exact location, saving you time and patience so that you can get back to more important things.

9. Kindle

Instead of hogging around textbooks all the time, it can help to download them onto a Kindle. You’ll have space for your textbooks and personal reads, keeping everything in one small and easy to carry devise that you can take wherever the wind blows you. The Kindle app comes with new books added daily, including classics and new releases from genres of all kinds.

10. Diss the Pen and Paper

Taking notes with a pen and paper is so last decade! These days, most students use their laptops to take notes to keep up with them better. However, some students prefer writing over typing, sometimes missing out on the advantages of technology. Well, this is no more, with a smart notebook. These handy notepads convert all writing into a digital copy where students can save and organise them later. The digital pen and notepad are easy to store and super lightweight, allowing students to take them from class to class without wasting paper or misplacing notes.

It’s Time to Start Living Better

Technology helps all of us live better by making our lives much more manageable. From a smart coffee maker to charging devices to keep your tech charged on the move. Students can take advantage of these technologies, adding them to their daily routines to study better. No one in this century should go without the benefits of technologies, students especially. Be sure to check out student-friendly discounts that some brands or stores offer to save a few bucks.