A-Levels | It’s no surprise that every good thing comes at a price. Once we start making money, we pay for these things in cash or kind, but our grades and education act as the price until we are still young. From becoming the golden child at school and home to getting admission into the university of your choice, everything becomes possible with good school performance.

Starting young is necessary. Once you get a grip on the subjects that you enjoy studying, you can always learn further in the university of your choice. 

Although adding an extra feather to the hat, the efforts must be added too, which becomes possible through A-levels. But aren’t A-levels super tricky? Yes, the subjects are marginally tough, but the level differs for everybody. 

So, let’s find out 4 A-level subjects that look equally difficult on the surface but can be your doorway to the university of your dreams. They are the following:

My Social Skills are Top-Notch

No that’s not what Sociology A-levels is all about. Sociology is considered a more comfortable option when compared with other subjects like A-level Maths Revision Courses or others that require a lot more revision than practical understanding. The reason is pretty simple; the subject deals with topics and aspects that play a vital role in our day-to-day lives and thus becomes easier to understand. For example, the Religious Studies A-Levels comprise philosophy and ethics that comprise our nature and behavioural changes. Therefore, it would be wise for you to pick Sociology if you do not mind a truckload full of easy-to-digest content about any man and his relationship with the society around him.

I Am Geographically Challenged

If you don’t need Google Maps to reach any location, congratulations, but you are still not the best at Geography. Contrary to understanding specific people, A-levels geography isn’t complicated, but that does not imply that the subject deals with the essential topics. 

The subject is still more effortless as the content is enough to soak in with only two papers comprising Human and Physical Geography. The subject has a very high passing percentage, and you get to go on a lot of field trips, talk about hitting the jackpot. If you can handle some A-Level Geography, you can ensure a step closer to that dream university.

The One with Global Warming

Yes, it’s Environmental Science. Or should we say, the less intimidating cousin of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, A-Levels Environmental Science is more comfortable to grasp? The subject is a mellow combination of many different subjects and aspects, making it less difficult to study. What’s more, the subject deals with topics relevant to today and our beautiful planet; thus, it is excellent and insightful to learn. So, you too could be the next Greta Thunberg if you take this subject seriously. Interesting, isn’t it?

The Key to Your Stomach

If you abhor writing and prefer some practical work instead then Food Studies is a definite must add to your list of preferable A-levels. The content can be a little scientific with digestion, food manufacturing, and composition of foods, but as long as you do not mind some memorising, you are good to go.

Learning to cook healthy meals while studying and paving the path for a better future, sounds like a complete win-win situation. Got some appetite? Then Food Studies must be pinned to the top of your list. Masterchef UK, here you come!


It is vital to understand that all A-Levels are complicated, but the level may differ depending upon various individuals’ interests. Also picking up a subject just because it is easy and eventually realising you do not like it one bit can be a really wrong decision. Go through the program before relying on the internet and picking up subjects that sound easy. It is about your future, and you can’t judge a book by its cover, take your time and read. Let us know which subjects you think to suit you the best while taking up A-levels.