If you feel like you need to improve your academic performance, there’s a myriad of digital tools that can help you. Thanks to technological advancement, now it’s easier for students to search for, gather, and use information. 

One might think that all it takes is a device and the Internet. Yet, it’s crucial that you also feel motivated to get better grades and stay curious to learn more. Learning is about finding something that sparks your interest and makes you hungry for knowledge. Improved academic performance is only a result of this process.

In this article, you’ll find out about the tools that can simplify your student life and inspire you to study effectively. Test them right away and try to make a habit of using these tools as often as possible. Over time, this habit will help you make you into a successful student without trouble.


Notion is a tool that includes the features of all those tools that one might use on a regular basis in their personal, student, or professional life. It blends the features of task-management, note-taking, and even online diary apps. 

As a student, you can use Notion to take class notes, compile reading lists, keep track of your tasks and projects as well as create a weekly agenda. In short, this tool helps a big deal with managing one’s task overload. So does the essay writing service that you might turn to in case your Notion lets you know that you have too much on your plate. 

Importantly, you can create a workplace for your group project and share it with your group mates on your college gadgets. There you can keep track of your group meetings, things to do as well as necessary learning material. Notion is free for students, which is another advantage of this magical tool. 

Cite This For Me

With the help of Cite This For Me, students can make citations, reference lists, and bibliographies with minimal effort and in no time. No need to worry about the right style, whether it’s Harvard, APA or MLA, or any other. Cite This For Me tool offers a wide range of citation styles. You just need to pick the one that meets the requirements. 

It might happen that you’ll realise you don’t have enough time to write an essay, not to mention the list of references. In this case, it might be reasonable to essay writing service canada from a professional writer. They will have your back and make sure that you get the highest grade for this assignment.

It might be rather difficult to make correct citations and references, especially for a freshman. So don’t hesitate to use Cite This For Me. It will spare you the headache of arranging all the references manually. 

Also, this tool will boost your grades for written assignments, as citations play an important role when it comes to academic writing.


CheggPrep is a cool tool for productive students to achieve their academic progress. It includes flashcards that you as a student can either make yourself or use someone else’s flashcards. For example, you might want to check your knowledge on the topic that interests you by checking your peers’ flashcards.

Creating and sharing your flashcards is especially handy when you’re preparing for an exam. You can make your own flashcards and then access them anytime you’re up to it from any device. Using these flashcards to revise information is a great way to memorise it. 

There are more than 500 million cards in this tool, and they are organised in decks based on the topic or subject. You can navigate the existing decks as well as create your own deck that might content many flashcards within a specific topic. With the help of this tool, you won’t have any trouble preparing for your homework and exams. 

Adobe Scan 

Adobe Scan is a great tool for those students who are tired of printed materials, which turn their workplace into chaos. Also, it’s handy for those of you who keep track of spendings and save receipts. Adobe Scan will help you finally take them away out of your pockets and wallet. 

You can easily install the app on your mobile device, take a picture of a document, and then scan it into a PDF file. And the icing on the cake is that Adobe Scan automatically recognises the text. All the scans are stored in the Adobe Document Cloud, so you can easily share them with your classmates or group mates if needed.

Also, this tool has a great feature for those students who are already thinking about their future careers and start networking. For example, if you’re going to a student career fair and want to make instant contacts, you can use this tool to scan business cards. Their information will be automatically added to your device contacts.


TED Talks is a great tool and a source of inspiration for those who want to make their student life more meaningful. It provides students with lots of talks from individuals who have a wealth of experience to draw on.

Watching at least one video talk per day is a great habit to develop, as you’ll learn something new every day. This knowledge will come from professionals in different disciplines. 

One day you can listen to a comedian and the next one – to a hostage negotiator. All speakers are passionate about their fields and willing to share their discoveries.

TED is all about spreading great ideas. And great ideas are the best fuel for students’ imagination and willingness to make a breakthrough in a new era of learning. This fuel can empower you and help perform well at studying.

Wrapping Up

It’s certainly OK to use technological break-throughs as entertainment. You can spend hours watching TikTok, scrolling Instagram feed, playing new video games, and more. 

Yet, it’s also necessary to keep in mind that technologies can help you improve. Specifically, improve the depth and quality of your knowledge when you’re pursuing your education. 

For this, try to test online tools such as Notion, Cite This For Me, CheggPrep, Adobe Scan, and TED. Each of them can ease your student life and improve your academic performance. Also, they might inspire you to not only aspire for more but actually achieve more.