Bloomberg ranks Norway as the least stressed-out country globally, but there are still some stressful occupations. There is a rise in stress in students. Relaxation is the best antidote to stress, so put the books away and do something fun. Online casinos are fun, convenient, and easily accessible from any device with an internet connection.

Sometimes the choice of casino for an inexperienced player can be confusing, but nye casino can narrow down the options. As a student, this should not worry you too much, as long as you do some research beforehand. Chris Haagensen, the undisputed expert here, shared these tips to help choose an online casino.

What to Look for

Follow these tips to look for an online casino that will give you hours of fun and entertainment without the stress. Not all businesses offer the same quality of services. These guidelines will help the new player to choose a reliable online casino that offers the right quality of products. 

1. Use a Casino Guide

There are many casino guides available that provide information on ratings, licensing, and bonuses. A good casino guide should provide all the relevant information you are looking for.

2. Look at the Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings can be misleading, but a reputable guide like nye casino 2021 will ensure that ratings are current and honest. Do not be afraid to ask other people to recommend an online casino or game. Underestimating the importance of reviews is a mistake.

3. Player Bonuses and Promotions

Most online casinos offer promotions or bonuses to new players. Before choosing a casino, check which bonuses or promotions are most suitable for you. A casino offering free games, or a demo mode, would help an inexperienced student decide which games they prefer or are good at playing. 

Read the terms and conditions and test the bonuses. Claim the most straightforward bonus first, and play a few games. Try to withdraw any winnings, even if you intend to play longer. Testing an online casino this way helps determine its integrity and sincerity. 

4. Choice of Games

For a new or inexperienced player, a casino with a vast choice of games is vital. Choose a casino that offers a variety of games. Start with simpler games first. The beginner should look for games with a high return to player (RTP) rate. The information should be on the pay-table for the game. Try for an RTP rate of 95% or higher. 

5. Device Compatibility

Check that you can access the site from all the devices you are likely to use. Mobile phone users can usually download an app to comfortably access their favorite games. 

6. Software Provider

An online casino that uses verified software from a reputable provider will give a smoother gaming experience. Good software is indicative of the casino’s commitment to providing quality service in other areas. 

7. Security

Take a few precautions to ensure that the online casino is keeping your data secure. 

Check the SSL certificate by clicking on the lock icon on the address bar. The second thing to check is the casino license. A casino with a valid license from an EU licensing authority is unlikely to engage in criminal activity. 

8. Payment Options

Look for a casino that will offer a range of secure payment and withdrawal options that are convenient. Norwegian players should also check that the site they are using can accept payments from inside Norway. It is a good idea to check on this before signing up to avoid frustration later.

9. Customer Support

The online casino of choice should have adequate and prompt customer support in place. Test customer support options early on. By checking the customer support services before problems arise, you can continue your gaming in confidence.

10. Try Different Casinos

Don’t be afraid to try different casinos. Compare the services and offerings of alternative casinos by taking advantage of sign-up bonuses. Settle on a few that give the greatest game choices and peace of mind. 


Choosing an online casino can be daunting for the inexperienced student. This guide will remove all the uncertainty from the process.