What is this for? Am I using this right? With so many make-up items and products available on the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed. If you’re looking to make your routine more effective, then look no further. Here are 5 items you need in your make-up bag to feel like an absolute boss when swiping, dabbing and dotting your face!

Brightening Concealer

Are you often a struggler of sleeping? Maybe genetically ‘blessed’ with dark under eye circles? Or love to stay up binge watching your favourite Netflix show knowing full well you have 9am lecture the next day? Well then, my friend, it’s time to disguise the zombie – concealer at the ready!

A brightening concealer is a FAB product to include in your make-up bag. Applying a few strokes fanning out from the inner corners of your eyes towards the very tops of your cheekbones will provide a more awake and lifted finish – as fresh as a daisy! Yet, be sure not to over-do it. If you have the right concealer for you, a little will go a long way.

You can also apply this to other parts of your face. With a brightening concealer, the aim is to lift and draw more attention to certain places, such as the chin, top of the forehead and along the nose bridge. This will create the illusion of a more contoured and sculpted look.

Picking out the right concealer comes with a few things to be aware of. You are wanting to choose a concealer which is 1-2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone. This will give you that illuminated finish whilst not appearing too obvious – like you haven’t just ‘wacked’ on a concealer and ran out of the door – ssh, no one needs to know. It’s also important to consider your skin type. Do you have more oily or dry skin? The last thing you want is for your concealer to slip and slide around your face or emphasise any dry patches. Always try to do your research!

Brow Gel

If you are someone who’s lucky to have naturally thick and luscious brows, first of all, lucky you! A brow gel may be your best friend if you find your brows have a complete mind of their own.

Setting in place those brows can really perfect that ‘fleeky’ finish. Using upwards and sidewards strokes on the hairs will set them in place for the day or night you have ahead – time to party!

Even if you’re someone who may have thinner and fine haired brows, a gel may help to create the illusion of ‘thicker’ brows. By brushing up the hairs with the gel, this will elongate the hair strands to be pressed onto the skin and set sticking more upwards.

So, there you go – a brow gel has the versatility to assist in all brow shapes and sizes – definitely a must have.

Large Eyeshadow Brush

A large eyeshadow brush will be your saviour if you often find yourself rushing out the door. If you’re wanting to slap something on your lids, a few strokes with one of these and hey presto, you are good to go!

Not only is a large eyeshadow brush good for this purpose, but for laying down the foundation of an eye look. Using this tool to initially lay a base colour – a ‘transition’ eyeshadow which is often a matte, neutral shade – is always a good starting point. You may even find this first simple step will ease you into the process if trying something new.

Black Pencil Liner

Using a black pencil liner can really pull an eye look together. If you take a look at your eye, you’ll see that there is a ‘gap’ in-between your upper lash line and your eye – inside the lash line. Using a liner to ‘tight line’ this area can make a huge difference to any look. This in will intensify, define and clean everything up, especially if you’re rocking a graphic cat-eye.

However, it is important to take caution when doing this for the first time. The last thing you want to do is to poke your eyeball out! Gently lift your eyelid up with one finger to reveal the inside of the lash line and make gentle strokes with the liner. It may take practise and feel a bit odd, but after a few tries, you’ll be a total expert – get it in your bag.

Setting Spray

If you are doing the full face ‘shabang’ – primer, foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, highlighter and blush, then a setting spray is always good to have. You see, because there are so many steps to a bulletproof base, sometimes things can start to appear a little powdery or ‘cakey’ – it happens to the best of us. Using a setting spray can help eliminate some of that ‘powderyness’ and also help your make-up last longer – bonus!

There are many setting sprays to choose from depending on your finish preference. Ranging from a dewy, matte or illuminative finish, or no finish type at all. Enjoy spritzing away, but be sure to cover up those mascara coated lashes – smeared panda eyes were not the look you were going for after all!

Make-up Bag Round Up

Always remember to have fun with your make-up – that’s the main thing. An item or tool that works for you in your make-up bag may not work for somebody else. From now on, do not let the make-up world swamp you. Get out there and put a stop to the intimidation of shopping isles, counters and websites – you’ve got this!