Studying is fun but it becomes even more interesting when you master good study skills. Once you master good study skills, academic excellence becomes a norm.  

In this piece, we will discuss tips you can use to make studying more enjoyable and encouraging. Before settling on the useful strategies, let us first answer the question:

What Would Cause Low Productivity When Studying?

Below are factors that would cause strain to students during study time. 

Too Many Distractions.

There are so many external stimuli in the world today that make it hard for a student to study. These distractions include friends, family, outings, phones, video games and televisions. All these distractions play a role in causing havoc on student’s ability to study.

Low Motivation.

Without efficient self-drive, getting through any amount of work can be unachievable. To solve the low motivation hitch, you start by figuring out what would be causing the drawback. Some of the major causes of low motivation include:

  • You worry about failure.
  • Stress.
  • You find the subject boring.
  • Health problems.
  • You have hard feelings towards the teacher for a certain subject.

To solve the low motivation problem, you can keep motivational quotes beside you to inspire you to go on. Consider feeding well before studying. 

Poor Concentration.

It’s common to loose focus and experience a drop in productivity. Poor concentration often comes when you have something on your mind. You are required to clear it for better studying.

Lack of Right Resources.

For you to succeed, having the right resources is mandatory. Therefore, every student needs the right resources from books and teachers’ talks.


Laziness is a big setback for most students. The main reason why some students may be lazy is due to lack of sleep. Lack of self-discipline also leads to laziness.

Poor Time Management.

Time management is a skill every student ought to have. Students with procrastination problems let tasks sit till the last minute.

In one way or another, for students to be successful, they have to adopt skills to study. If we want to make progress, having a list of interesting study strategies will aid. 

Study Skills | Effective Studying Strategies Every Student Should Consider. 

There are very many strategies students can apply for excellent academic performance. We will look at some of the strategies that have proven effective to students who have considered applying them. Let’s have a look.

Get Organised.

If you look at the disorganised person’s desk, you will probably realise they are always on the run looking for something. In the process, they make everything messier. It becomes difficult to work with such disorganised individuals.

Being organised makes everything you do easier. It makes you work at a better speed; hence all works are completed before set deadlines. When you are organised, you plan for what you are going to do and at what time. With this organisation, you’ll always be ahead of the curve. 

Learning to be organised needs any student to outline the project at hand and stay focused. Eventually, the task is completed. 

Divide Your Work.

Forcing yourself through a study marathon is boring, and you might end up exhausted. You can break down your work into smaller chunks. After completing a chunk, you can reward yourself, which will make studying more fun. 

Manage Your Study Space. 

Discover a place that is free from any form of distraction. If you are studying at home, you can avoid studying near the television. You can also find your study space at the library. Make sure you are comfortable but not too comfortable.

Keep your study space clean and organised for maximum productivity. Creating a comfortable study space should be every student’s goal.


Students should not underestimate the power of an eight-hour sleep. Sleep sharpens your focus and improves working memory. With enough sleep, your brain is also able to process new information when you wake up. When you organise your work and manage your time, you will have enough time for sleep.

Avoid Multitasking. 

For effective productivity, all your focus has to be centred on studying. Research also shows it is impossible to multitask. 

Consider Using CBD Oil.

CBD or Cannabidiol, a natural component found in the hemp plant, is gaining popularity for its potential medicinal and therapeutic benefits. Students face issues like parental expectations, exams, fear of the future and social anxiety. There have to be ways to deal with all this pressure.  

CBD oil can influence students positively. Here are a few problems CBD oil can help with:

  • Exam anxiety.
  • Social anxiety
  • Sleep problems
  • Overall mental health
  • Physical pain

Zamnesia, a European company, offers a wide range of CBD products at affordable prices. Before using CBD publicly, be careful to check with the school’s policy. 


If you are looking to better your study skills and achieve academic excellence, try applying the strategies that have been shortlisted above. You can also discover other study techniques that work for you. If you don’t feel any improvement, you can always try something different later on. Keep trying out until you find what brings you the best results.