We all know it can be tough to be a student. Not just because of the hard work and effort required to complete your course, but also because money can be difficult to come by. It will all be worth it in the end as they say, but we all need a bit of cash in our pockets. Thankfully, there are ways you can earn a bit of money on the side when you have a bit of spare time.

Known as side hustles, the following are ways you can earn a bit of money without taking up too much of your time. Use these alongside some student money-saving tips and you might just manage to earn yourself a few bob.

Get on Social Media and Make Some Money

If you have a hobby, an interest, or some special skills, you could make a bit of money out of social media. If you get enough followers on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, you could make money from advertising. On YouTube, for instance, once you have a set number of followers/subscribers, the platform allows your content to include advertisements and gives you money each time one is played.

So why not start showing off your cooking skills, create a Vlog, or start singing covers? Be creative and you might just start seeing the pounds flying in.

Do a Bit of Freelancing

At sites like Fiver, UpWork, and Freelancer, you could pick up small jobs such as article/blog writing, data encoding, or transcribing. As a freelancer, you can generally do the work when you please as long as you meet the deadlines. It might be difficult picking up jobs in the beginning, but once you have some experience and feedback on the platforms you use, you will find it much easier to pick up jobs.

Do a Bit of Tutoring

Another popular option is to offer what you have learned to others. Let’s say you excel in one subject, you could teach others that are not as clued up as you are. Using this side hustle also ensures that you continue to learn whilst making money. It may not be for everybody, as sometimes we just want to put the books away for a bit and do something else.

Take a Chance With Sportsbetting

While you stand a chance of losing money as well as making it, sports betting is something you could do on the side. Of course, this is for those of you that know a bit about sports. If you love football and watch it all the time, why not use some of your knowledge by placing a few bets?

You could even save a bit more money by finding UK bookmakers, which offer free bet promotions. In return for a deposit, you are given free bets. To find the best UK free bet bonuses, sign up bonuses, and welcome offers, sites such as freebets.com offers you everything you need to know. They compare the best UK free bets bonuses offered by all leading bookmakers and betting sites.

Ready to Get Started?

Earning money does not have to be as difficult as you might think. It does not even have to take up too much of your time. As well as the above, you could do odd jobs, fill out a few online surveys, or become an escort (okay, that one was a joke!). As long as what you choose does not impact your studies too much, you could earn yourself a bit of money on the side to help get you through your course.